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Everything You Need to Know to Apply and Succeed.

Moravian Online MBA student signing on to join class
Everything You Need to Know to Apply and Succeed.
Graduate and Continuing Studies


Welcome to our admissions guide. Use the list below to skip to specific sections.

If you'd like to discuss these in further detail or have a specific question, schedule a call with your student experience mentor or use the chat box in the bottom right hand corner.

Applying to the MSPA Program

When are the application deadlines?

Program Start Date

January 18, 2021

Application Deadline

January 4, 2021

Why apply Early Action?

Apply by Sunday, December 8, 2019 and you’ll receive:

  • A career planning session with our Program Director, Dr. Katie P. Desiderio and industry expert, Theodore Barron, to solidify your career path, motivations, and goals.
  • Plenty of breathing room to prepare for the start of the program.
  • A free smart notebook to help with courses and studying.


What do I need to apply?

Applicants for the online MSPA program must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution. In consideration, each should submit the following:

  • Online Graduate Business Application
  • Official Transcripts from all institutions previously attended
  • A professional resume
  • Personal statement to the Admissions Committee
  • Official GMAT scores (WAIVED FOR Spring 2021 APPLICANTS)
  • Two recommendations
  • An interview (waiver option available)

*The GMAT waiver option is available for prospective graduate students that earned at least a 3.33 GPA for their undergraduate degree or have 2+ years of professional experience.

What makes a strong applicant?

Strong candidates for the online MSPA program have the academic and professional background that meets or exceeds expectations essential to be successful in the program. Acceptance is based on an overall GPA of 3.33 or higher for your bachelor’s degree OR 2 plus years of professional working experience. Real world experience in the workforce coupled with prior exemplary academic performance makes a qualified candidate for this program.

What is Instant Decision Day?

Change the course of your career in one day

Get an instant decision on your Online Master’s in Predictive Analytics application.

What: When you participate in our Instant Decision Day, you’ll apply and get your admissions decision on the same day. That means no more “Did I get in?” questions looming over your head. You get to focus on what really matters, like deciding if our Online MSPA program is right you.

When: Monday, March 2nd

Where: Online Zoom meeting

Who: You and our admissions committee


  1. Schedule an appointment here.
  2. Complete an online application.
  3. Submit a current resume.
  4. Write a 300 word personal statement detailing your motivation to earn a masters.
  5. Secure 2 letters of recommendation from a colleague, supervisor or past instructor.
  6. Get unofficial transcripts from any college or university you attended.
  7. Meet for 15 minutes with our acceptance committee in a professional Zoom meeting.

These application materials must be emailed to Angelo Fattore (, Student Experience Mentor, by Noon on Sunday, March 1st.

Make sure to schedule your meeting before all times are taken!

Tuition, Costs, and Fees

How much does the program cost?

Cost per credit: $936

Cost per course: $2,808

Total cost: $33,696

Is financial aid available?

Students interested in financial aid should complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at

Which FAFSA application should I file?

Expected Start Date FAFSA Taxes Needed
Summer 2018-Summer 2019 2018-2019 FAFSA 2016 Taxes
Summer 2019-Summer 2020 2019-2020 FAFSA 2017 Taxes

For summer 2019 starts, file both years to maximize eligibility! If you’d like to learn more about completing the FAFSA, visit our FAFSA Information page.

Preparing for the Program

What are the prerequisites?

Our business competencies are in place to ensure you are efficient, effective, and competent in the baseline knowledge needed to be as successful as you can be in reaching your goals in our MSPA program.

  1. ECON 152 - Principles of Economics (macro and micro), or equivalent
  2. MGMT 216 - Information Systems for Management, or equivalent
  3. MGMT 251 - Principles of Marketing, or equivalent
  4. ECON 156 - Economics and Business Statistics, or equivalent

*Prerequisites must be completed prior to starting the program. These can be completed through our Academic Leveling Courses or ALC’s. ALC’s are $44 and consist of a 20 question pre-test, as much content learning as needed, followed by a 20 question post-test. Students have two chances to earn an 80% or higher on the post-test to fulfill the prerequisite.

What are the technology requirements?

These technology requirements are put in place to ensure that you will succeed in the MSPA program and for you to have the best possible program experience. We recommend that you have:

  • A computer or laptop that is preferably less than 2 years old and that is up to date with all system and software updates.
    • Laptops or tower computers are recommended rather than Chromebooks or tablets, because they typically can handle more software downloads.
  • A microphone and webcam for video calls
    • Certain computers already have a built-in microphone and webcam. If you do not have a webcam built into your computer, make sure you acquire an external webcam, also typically called a USB webcam.
    • You may also consider using a USB headset or headphones that have a built-in microphone.

Next Steps

When you’re ready to apply, our SEMs are here to help. We can work with you to set up a call or come visit Benigna Hall here on campus to answer any questions about the program, classes, faculty, etc.