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Moravian College
Student Handbook

Housing Options

Moravian College offers a variety of residence halls located on the Main Street (North) Campus and Priscilla Payne Hurd (South) Campus. To accommodate a range of lifestyle preferences, housing options vary from traditional residence halls to group living spaces including suites, apartments, townhouses, fraternity and sorority houses, and overflow houses. First-year students reside in traditional residence halls on both campuses. Main Street (North) Campus options include Bernhardt-Wilhelm, Rau-Hassler, and Jo Smith. Priscilla Payne Hurd (South) Campus options include Main and Clewell. Jo Smith and Main Hall are single-gender for women, Clewell Hall is single-gender for men. The remaining spaces are co-ed by floor.

Upperclassmen students reside in both traditional residence halls and group spaces on both campuses. Upperclassmen reside in traditional residence halls including Jo Smith (all women), Inner Spangenberg, Main Hall (all women), and Clewell Hall (all men). Group spaces are broken down into options with and without kitchens. Options without kitchens include Nitschmann and Spangenberg. Options with kitchens include the HILL, Beck, deSchweinitz, Townhouses (Antes, Burnside, Lenape), Hillsides, fraternity and sorority houses, and overflow houses."

Moravian College also offers a variety of unique housing opportunities including special interest housing, fraternity and sorority housing, and gender-inclusive housing. Special Interest Housing is a highly selective process designed to provide an opportunity for students to define their on-campus living experience and contribute to the greater College community while residing in a designated group spaces.

Fraternity and sorority house spaces are open only to members of the respective organizations. Gender-inclusive housing Is intended for residents of any combination of biological sexes, gender identities, or gender expressions to choose to live together in the same wing (in first-year halls only) or suite-style housing (for upperclass students).

Residence Hall Security

Proper security within the halls is the responsibility of each resident. To ensure security, room doors always should be double-locked when the room is not occupied. Exterior doors must never be propped open.

  • As a private institution, Moravian College restricts access to and presence in all residence halls to students, faculty, staff, and guests. For students' safety and protection, video cameras may be in operation in the common areas.
  • Campus Safety and Police officers routinely walk through campus residence hall common space as a matter of safety and security. Common space is generally defined as space designated for group use and control. Examples of common space include living rooms, lounges, TV rooms, hallways, stairs, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Personal space is generally defined as space designated for individual control and use, such as bedrooms.
  • Small living units including Greek houses, apartments, townhouses, and suite-style units are not subject to routine campus police walk-throughs. However, Campus Safety and Police reserves the right to enter areas within these properties for due cause, as described below.
  • Campus Safety and Police officers reserve the right to enter any room at any time when there is imminent risk of harm or reasonable cause to believe that a violation of law has occurred or is about to occur.
  • The College is not responsible for personal property lost, stolen, or damaged. Large sums of money or other valuables should not be kept in individual rooms. All items of value must be removed during vacation periods. All losses should be reported to a Residence Life staff member and to Campus Safety and Police. In some instances, parents' homeowner insurance will cover possessions of students at college. Before any loss occurs, students or parents may want to contact their family insurance agent to discuss limits and conditions of their homeowner insurance policy.
  • Unauthorized entry by anyone into a room other than his or her own will result in judicial action and/or criminal sanctions as provided under PA law. Residence Life staff members are authorized to use master keys only to allow students into their own rooms or to respond to emergency situations or suspected significant policy violations.
  • The presence of any suspicious individual must be reported immediately to a Residence Life staff member and to Campus Safety and Police at 610 861-1421. Solicitation within residence halls is permitted only for institutional groups engaged in fundraising activities that have been approved by Student Affairs. Any unauthorized solicitors should be reported to Campus Safety and Police immediately.
  • Interference with or harassment in any form directed to any of the Campus Safety and Police Officers or Dispatchers or any other law-enforcement officials or EMS/Fire personnel will result in disciplinary action and can lead to loss of residency. The same is true of interference with or harassment of any member of the Residence Life staff.
  • In ground-level rooms equipped with special security screens, opening of the screen or removal of the plastic seal is permitted only in the event of an emergency. Tampering with the seal or screen will result in repair charges and in a fine for violation of a safety policy.
  • The Campus Safety and Police fire marshal strives to conduct, at minimum, six fire inspections in each building over an eight-month period. Inspection includes checking fire extinguishers and looking for fire violations. Fire inspections occur Monday-Friday after 10:30 a.m. in the residence halls and overflow houses on campus. 
  • As a safety precaution over vacation periods, Facilities employees may enter rooms with windows that can be accessed from the ground to make sure that such windows are locked.

Housing Assignments & Residence Hall Room Contract

Moravian College requires each student to acknowledge a housing agreement or their parent/guardian if under 18 at the time of arrival. The policies outlined in this handbook, in the residence hall room contract, and in any other official publications of the College are binding on all residents. Failure to abide by regulations will be referred to the conduct process and can lead to removal from housing and/or the College.

The residence hall room contract outlines that housing assignments are made for the full academic year, except for students who are graduating at mid-year, spending time abroad or at a College-approved program off campus, changing to part-time status, withdrawing, or other extenuating circumstances as approved by the Office of Housing & Event Management. Resident students who withdraw from the College during the course of a term will forfeit any remaining room rent for that term. Board refunds will be granted in accordance with the College's overall refund policy. Resident students who are removed from the halls by conduct action also receive no refund, except for a pro-rated board refund, unless required by federal, state, or other regulation.

When students move into their room, its condition becomes the responsibility of the occupants. At the end of the year, residents are expected to leave the room in the condition received, with the exception of normal wear and tear. Those assigned to a room will be held responsible for all costs of returning the room to its original condition, including the repair of damage and anything deemed extraordinary wear and tear. Abuse of the living space may be grounds for removal from residence or other conduct action.

New student, including first-year and transfers, assigned to housing upon receipt of their enrollment deposit and competition of the electronic housing preference form. Returning students may be able to choose their room assignment for the coming academic year during the spring term of the current year.

Fraternities and sororities retain chapter houses if no concerns persist during the previous academic year. Fraternities and sororities are expected to identify and fill their respective houses in the timeline set forth by the Office of Greek Life. Continued use of any fraternity or sorority house by the organization is dependent on full occupancy of the unit as well as the discretion of the College.

To be eligible to select a room for the next academic year, returning students must participate in the housing selection process facilitated in the spring semester. If a student fails to participate in the process, the student will be assigned a room by the Office of Housing & Event Management.

In light of uncertainties in projecting admissions patterns and other factors influencing space needs, the College reserves the right to offer off-campus housing to eligible students, as well as change room assignments after the upperclass housing selection process.

Moravian College Housing Point System

The allocation of housing points is based on the following criteria:

  • One point is awarded for each semester (only fall or spring semesters) an individual has been a full-time student at Moravian College or at another institution, including the semester during which housing selection occurs. Semesters spent abroad or on other campuses in approved full-time academic programs will also be included in this point allocation system.
  • No points will be given for any semester, either at Moravian or another institution, where less than a full-time college load was carried or where performance did not contribute to making progress towards a degree (i.e., no courses were passed).
  • The maximum number of housing points a student can earn, regardless of number of years as a full-time student, is six.
  • There is no scenario in which anyone can earn additional/bonus housing points.
  • A student with conduct will earn housing points, but may not be given a “lottery #” for use in the housing selection process.  

More information about the housing selection process is available through the Office of Housing & Event Management.

Summer Housing Policy

The College receives requests from individuals and groups with regard to on-campus housing during the summer months (i.e. May through August). The Office of Housing & Event Management works to consolidate summer residents and assigns housing in accordance with scheduled work on residence units.

Summer housing for individuals is limited to Moravian College students

  • who are enrolled in a May term, summer session I, or summer session II course at Moravian College, with housing limited to the weeks that the course is in session
  • who have been selected for a summer SOAR project, with housing limited to the weeks that the project is underway
  • who have been hired by a campus office for summer employment and who demonstrate an inability to commute from home, with housing limited to the weeks of employment
  • who are enrolled in a non-credit internships that has been approved by the Center for Career & Civic Engagement, with housing limited to the weeks of employment.