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Moravian College
Student Handbook



College ties can ne'er be broken 
Formed at old M.C. 
Far surpassing wealth unspoken 
They'll forever be.

M.C.! M.C.! Hail to thee! 
Thou hast been kind to us! 
Ever shall we cherish for thee 
Thoughts of love and trust.

When our college days are over 
And our ways shall part, 
Still by thee we'll be united 
Still be one in heart.


Pledge we thee by word and deed, 
Our Alma Mater dear, 
Loyalty and faith and love 
For all thy fostering care.


--H.S. Thompson, 1857
 J. Kenneth Pfohl, 1900

It is customary to extend the right hand of fellowship 
during the singing of the last refrain.


Now we honor you, our college,
Alma mater brave and bright;
Kindness, wisdom, truth, and knowledge:
In this treasure we delight.
Shining jewel of Bethlehem,
We flourish in your glow,
Praising you with joyful rev'rence,
We our love bestow.

Glory as your sons and daughters
Triumph in their hearts' endeavor;
Glory to our proud Moravian,
Our great hope, our family.

In your green and quiet places
We have room to contemplate,
Ponder Truth and Beauty's graces,
Minds and hearts to educate.
Noble dreams of great Comenius
Striving to fulfill,
To the service of his genius
We devote our will.


--Larry A. Lipkis, b. 1951
 Linda Lipkis, b. 1962