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Alcohol Issue

  • The site's mission is to inform people about the myths, dangers, and issues surrounding college alcohol abuse. College Binge Drinking features articles that focus on alcohol abuse as well as articles centered on various topics concerning college students including substance abuse, mental health and prevention. The site is updated weekly to reflect the latest research and news around these issues.

Drug Abuse


Emergency Contraception

    This site will give you information on emergency contraception, also known as the morning after pill.

Skin Cancer

    This site describe in detail and with pictures how to determine if a mole is something to worry about. Melanoma, a deadly skin cancer is increasing in the college aged population. Learn how to prevent it, and how to detect it early.

Testicular Cancer & Testicular Self-Exam

    This site will explain the importance and technique of self testicular exam.
    From the American Institute of Preventive Medicine, this site reviews signs and symptoms of testicular cancer and how to do a self testicular exam.

Eating Disorders

    This site is a good resource for information about all types of eating disorders.

Sleep Deprivation

General Health