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Heritage Day

Wednesday, September 18th, 2019

Moravian College Heritage Day

What is Heritage Day?

Heritage Day is a celebration of Moravian tradition, community, and service.  

Our mission states: “Moravian College’s liberal arts education prepares each individual for a reflective life, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership in a world of change.” The College was established by the Moravians and the founding principles still inform core aspects of our culture, our community, and our academic endeavors. It is important for all of us to understand and appreciate these principles and history. Comenius is more than a statue on our campus -- his values live on in our academic traditions, and Heritage Day is an opportunity for us to learn about the founders of the college and our cultural heritage.

Schedule of Events

September 18, 2019

8:30 - 9 am: Arrive in Johnston Hall - since we are all staying on campus this year, please feel free to bring water or coffee/tea in a spill proof container into Heritage Day. Also, we encourage everyone who has participated in HD before to wear a HD t-shirt from a prior year

History and Celebration

  • Welcome to Heritage Day, President Grigsby
  • Presentation of Honorary Doctorate and Presidential Medal
  • Speaker, Valley Youth House
  • Service Instructions, Gillian Sharkey, Director of Civic Engagement

Service & Lunch

  • Participate in a shared experience alongside members of our community plus special guests from local non-profits


  • Reflection
  • Connection
  • Choir Performance
  • MoPaw
  • Community Photo on Mak Field

**Optional: Lovefeast, immediately following the community photo, in the Grove near the Big Chair. The Lovefeast is the sharing of food among members of a group to build good-will and harmony.

Traditional classes resume at 4pm

Q: What should I wear?

We recommend a Heritage Day shirt from a prior year or any Moravian College shirt. Jeans and shorts are ok, as are sneakers and flip-flops (no heels please).

Q: Will classes be held?

​​Offices will be closed and traditional classes will not be held between 7AM-4PM; all classes from 4PM on will run as scheduled.

Q: Do I pick my service site?

​Good news!​ All you need to do is show up ready to learn, serve, reflect, and connect with our community. We will all be serving on campus this year, together!

Q: Where do I report on Wednesday morning? What time?

​Please come to Johnston Hall -- doors open at 8:30AM for check-in and activities start promptly at 9AM.

Q: Are meals included as part of Heritage Day?

  • Breakfast is on-your-own; so please enjoy that prior to arriving in Johnston Hall.
  • Coffee/Tea/Water: you are welcome to bring a spill-proof container with a beverage to Johnston Hall.
  • Lunch will be provided (at no cost to Heritage Day participants) and is buffet style.

Q: Should I bring my laptop/iPad?

​​No​, there will be no secure place to leave electronic devices during your service.

Q: Can I sit with my friends?

Yes! Unlike prior years, you will not be randomly assigned to a group upon arrival; you can remain with your friends. Although, we still encourage you to meet new people and branch out on Heritage Day!

Q: How do offices communicate the closure for Heritage Day? Here are some examples:

VOICEMAIL AND EMAIL: Thank you for contacting me. As you may know, Moravian College is celebrating its fourth annual Heritage Day. Our offices are closed as we celebrate Moravian tradition, community and service together as one. Thank you for your patience, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.