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ACT 153 Overview

The University has contracted CBY SYSTEMS INC to process these checks. The cost of the clearances will be covered by the University unless the individual is a volunteer or external intern.

Volunteer & external intern ACT 153 Process

Beginning January 1, 2015 and in accordance with Pennsylvania state law (ACT 153 of 2014) all Colleges and Universities began complying with certain background clearances on new and current employees. Act 153 has changed the definition of child abuse, expanded the definition of who should report abuse and now includes institutions of higher education in its definition of “school” requiring Moravian University to alter its child abuse reporting and training and expand its background checks.  

The new legislation is part of a two-year effort by the state to improve Pennsylvania’s child protection laws. The new law is prompting immediate changes to the University's policies — particularly the institutional background checking process. Under the new law, all school employees who have or may have routine interaction with children are considered mandated reporters of child abuse, even outside of work, if there is an identifiable child. As such, all college employees will be required to submit to the three mandatory clearances listed below every five years. It also includes volunteers who interact routinely with children on campus.  

The mandated clearances include:  

  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Record Information
  • Child Abuse History to determine if the person is named as a perpetrator of an indicated or founded child abuse report; and
  • Federal Criminal History Background Check