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Moravian College
Human Resources

PAWS - Wellness

We all want to be healthy—slim down, shape up, eat right—but somehow, other priorities too often get in the way. Now, PAWS (Promoting Active Wellness Sustainability) is here to help you attain your lifestyle goals.

Programs will be offered throughout the year and are open to all - staff, faculty, and students.

The committee's mission is to provide support to the Moravian community to make personal lifetime lifestyle choices that promote health, fitness, and wellness.

Wellness Committee Members:

Term Name Department
Co-Chair Elizabeth Garcia HR
Co-Chair Sara Steinman Athletics
Advisor Jon Conrad HR
  Hope Meixell HR
  David Oren Catering
  Sylvia Doyle Development
  Maria Lucas IT
  Mike Hertel Student Affairs/ Career Center
  Colleen Marsh IT
  Shelly Strauss Nursing
  Stephanie Flurer Institutional Advancement
  Nina Elias Marketing & Communications
  Terry Eddinger Athletics & Recreation
  Renee Hellert Athletics & Recreation



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