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Econ 211: Economics of Health and Healthcare

This course applies microeconomic theory to analyze the healthcare market from the perspectives of those who demand and supply healthcare. In particular, we will assess the demand for health, healthcare, and health insurance. Students will also analyze the market for physicians’ and hospital services and the pharmaceutical industry. The structure and performance of the U.S. healthcare system will also be compared to that of other countries. Discussion of empirical studies, current policy debates, and the relevance and limits of the economic approach will be emphasized.

Students will use economic analysis to help us assess the state of the U.S. healthcare system and how healthcare reform may affect the supply of and demand for healthcare. Emphasis is on the economics and not politics or personal opinions. Regardless of the student's own personal view on healthcare and its reform, the goal of this course is for the student to be able to analyze the market using the tools and perspectives of an economist.

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Final Project Overview

To culminate the semester’s learning, students will conduct research on a topic of their choice related to health economics. For this assignment, students can draw upon any aspect of health economics that is of interest to them. The form of this assignment will be a three-to-five-minute public service announcement, which incorporates the student's research into a succinct message for an audience of the student's choosing. Student will share their PSA with their classmates during the final exam period.

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