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Ongoing collaborations, experiences, and research related to Healthcare

On this page you will find examples of the way that research, scholarship, and activism from diverse disciplines at Moravian College are enhancing this year's InFocus center of investigation. Is there something that you would like to see added to this collection of examples? Are you conducting research related to this year's InFocus center of investigation?  Do you have a class-related project or SOAR experience you want to highlight? We'd love to know! Click here to email the InFocus team.

Honors Projects

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PJ Mindo '16

Project Advisor: Dr. Sabrina Terrizzi

Honors thesis in Undergraduate Economic Review"Obamacare and the Fight Against Income Inequality" 

SOAR Projects

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Student Scholarship and Creative Endeavors Day

Seven students presented research connected to one of the four InFocus themes at the 13th Annual Student Scholarship and Creative Endeavors Day on April 17, 2018: 

  • Rachelle Antoine: Depression in Impoverished Mothers and Families
  • Beth Davies: Benefits of Occuptional Therapy in Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients
  • Beth Davies, Aaron Hudson: Sociolegal Needs in the Lehigh Valley
  • Katelyn Morrison: Impacts of Signage on First Year Residence Hall Recycling
  • Brandon Percey: Traumatic Brain Injuries: Understanding the Mechanism of Injury, Psychological Impact and Rehabilitation/Preventative Interventions for Adult Athletes
  • Monica Richardson: The Medicinal Biochemistry of Bile and The Formation of Gallstones

For more information on the presentations above and to see all other presentations, please see the full 2018 Scholars Day program available on the Scholars Day page