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Alum Launches Cybersecurity Firm

Blatt and Truncer Launch Top-Tier Cybersecurity Firm

August 22, 2018

Answering a growing need worldwide for cybersecurity services, Jared Blatt ’01 partnered with brother-in-law Christopher Truncer to launch FortyNorth Security this past June. FortyNorth Security is a boutique information security consulting company that specializes in offensive security services, including penetration testing, red team assessments, vulnerability assessments, web application assessments, wireless network assessments, and social engineering.

“The majority of cybersecurity companies provide endpoint or defensive solutions. Offensive assessments allow our clients to have a much more targeted approach to their defensive solutions,” explains Blatt. “Our job is to identify vulnerabilities within an organization’s infrastructure before those vulnerabilities are exploited by malicious attackers,” says Blatt.

The key piece in the company’s offensive arsenal is co-founder Truncer. He is one of the most-experienced and respected ethical hackers in the security community—an industry leader who travels the globe speaking and training.

Blatt adds that FortyNorth Security is 100 percent product agnostic, meaning they do not sell tools, software, antivirus, or other products. “We don’t have a dog in the fight so to speak,” Blatt says. “Clients can trust that the deliverable we provide is unbiased and not slanted toward a product that we sell.”

Blatt, who earned a BA in International Business from Moravian College is president of FortyNorth Security and oversees operations and business development. “I’m excited for this opportunity to get involved in a facet of cybersecurity that is absolutely essential to any modern-day organization interested in protecting their digital assets,” says Blatt.

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Locating a Name

FortyNorth Security is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado, named for Castle Rock, a butte that sits north of the town and whose GPS coordinate is 40 north.