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Moravian College Conference on History and Music

College Hosts World-Renowned history and music Conference

November 11, 2016

The 5th Bethlehem Conference on Moravian History and Music took place here at Moravian College from October 27 through 29. The three-day event brought scholars from across the country and across the globe—Australia, South Africa, Argentina, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. Here are some highlights from the conference:

Kate Carté Engel, associate professor of religious studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and a leading scholar on Moravian History gave the prestigious Walter Vivian Moses Lecture in Moravian Studies presenting “Reconsidering Bethlehem and the Violence of the American Revolution.”

Sarah Eyerly, assistant professor of musicology and director of the early music program at Florida State University College of Music in Tallahassee and her colleague Mark Sciuchetti gave a fascinating presentation of how they are using technology to map and digitally recreate the soundscapes of historic Bethlehem. This digital soundscape will accompany Eyerly’s book How the Moravians Sang Away the Wilderness. You can take what Eyerly describes as a “soundscape tour” (definitely worth checking out!).

In closing, Paul Peucker, director of the Moravian Archives, gave the annual lecture of the Moravian Historical Society, presenting “A Family of Love: Another Look at the Economy and the Beginnings of Bethlehem.”

“What is remarkable about these conferences is the extraordinary disciplinary breadth of the scholarship and global spread,” says Heikki Lempa, associate professor of  and the conference director. “Besides historians and theologians, we have scholars of literature, art historians, education historians, musicologists, music historians, and anthropologists, and our panelists came from all over the world—a  sign that the scholarship on Moravian history and music is stronger and more vibrant than ever."