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MGMT 310 Doing Good at Work Inspires Reflection on Acceptance, Unity, and Love

February 7, 2018

By Santo D. Marabella, Professor of Management

There are significant, complex social, economic and individual issues occurring in the national arena that impact our work and our workplace. Mindful of their relevance and importance, our course theme for Doing Good at Work (MGMT/IDIS 310) for the Fall 2017 semester is: Doing GOOD with HATE.

Over the course of the semester, students from our class wrote course theme papers on the sub-topics of: Origins of Hate, Impact of Hate, Understanding the Hater, The Buddhist Response, and Standing for AUL (Acceptance, Unity, and Love). As a way to present a concise understanding of these topics, each student has shared their research question and paper summaries.

I am very proud of the thoughtful and interesting research questions and discussions students in MGMT/IDIS 310 prepared. Their work demonstrates a keen desire to go beyond the headlines and the sensational aspects of important topics to develop a deeper understanding and gain astute insights. I also want to acknowledge students, Carli Swiatek and Tyler Smith, for their excellent work in editing and formatting the submissions. 

Origins of Hate

Francesca Catino
Is there is a profile of Americans who are vulnerable to becoming radicalized Muslims?
Terrorism is a word we hear too frequently in the news today. Many Americans have resorted to racial profiling as an attempt to detect future attacks on our nation; however, radical Muslim recruits, who have been responsible for many attacks, come from various locations, backgrounds, and efforts. If we can all put our biases and misassumptions aside, the world will become a more peaceful place for everyone.

Carol Hanna
Why was the KKK originally established?
The KKK was developed when slaves became free, which triggered fear that jobs would be taken away from the white population. Some people held onto this fear of change and continue to disrespect a large population of Americans. teach about peace while disregarding everyone’s race and background, the fear and anxiety that come with meeting people different from us will lessen and eventually go away.

Mackenzie Koziel
Why was Neo-Nazism brought to America?
My paper focuses on the origination of Nazism and briefly discusses the start of Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler. “Neo-Nazis”, the present day followers of Hitler, worship Hitler and strive to spread their hateful opinions towards minorities. There are currently ninety-nine Neo-Nazi groups in America, some of the most popular being the
American Nazi Party, White Aryan Resistance, National Socialist Movement and The Daily Stormer.

Matthew Corcoran
How has hate impacted presidential elections in the United States?
Over the past few presidential elections, hate has been present in several forms – racism, sexism and slander. Politicians use hate to tarnish their opponents image, greatly influencing voters’ decision. While we do not have control over what politicians say, we have control over whether we decide to let hate play a role in our decision making for who we believe is best fit for presidency.

Matthew Miksiewicz
Why was the KKK originally established?
The KKK was established to, in some way, maintain white superiority. Being one of the more well known and public white supremacy groups, they have a long history of carrying out hateful acts toward black Americans, and continue to do so today. The KKK led the way for other hate groups to form, but by acknowledging that this type of behavior is unacceptable, we can work to destroy hate among Americans.

Impact of Hate

Kristen Baxter
How Donald Trump and his actions have affected the NFL players and owners?
The use of strong words by a national leader can greatly affect or create an impact on certain groups of people. For example, one simple tweet caused an entire controversy in the NFL amongst players and league owners regarding respect to the flag.

Jillian Picciuto
How did police brutality impact NFL players?
Police brutality and the Black Lives Matter Movement has drastically affected NFL players. In response to waiting too long for change, NFL players saw an opportunity to step in and attempt to make a change themselves. Taking a knee during the National Anthem has gotten the world’s attention. Police brutality is at an all time high and African Americans do not feel that they are being treated equally in their communities.

Carli Swiatek
How does hate in America impact school children?
While exploring the influence of hate groups on Pennsylvania school children, it became increasingly clear that there are a few main avenues in which the message of hate is being conveyed. Some of which are undeniable influences on children's’ lives and others consist of subtle messages based on bias point of view. Ultimately, the
focus of this question can be narrowed down to parental influence, the internet and the government; all of which are equally detrimental to children’s naive view of the world.

Amanda Wan
What impact was felt by the Japanese after spending some of their life in a Japanese Relocation Camp?
As the Japanese were viewed as a threat after the Pearl Harbor attacks, many of them were forced into relocation camps against their will. The conditions endured were horrendous and borderline inhumane. American citizens were stripped of their rights and forced to live with not so much as a toothbrush. The ever-lasting effects of the camps continued with the Japanese by marginalizing them as “bad people”, forever changing the way they had to live.

Madison Walker
What are the effects of hate on African Americans today?
My paper focuses on the impact of hate on African American’s in today’s society in terms of social issues, psychological issues, and economic problems as the result of this hate. I learned that humans must look to better our society by informing people about the unconscious racism that is in most people. By solving these issues head on we
can create a better society not only from a social perspective but from an economic perspective as well.

Understanding the Hater

Mykayla Biechy
Are hate groups and activities—especially white supremacists in the United States—on the rise, or are their activities simply more publically recognized given recent national and political news?
Hate groups, especially white supremacy groups, are on the rise in America. The election of President Trump has seemed to re-energize these hate groups. We must acknowledge that hate groups in America are a serious problem, and their activities and existence will not be condoned.

Tiffany Schermerhorn
In what ways do the American Media contribute to the development of a bully?
Media contributes to the development of a bully through three common traits: repetition, anonymity, and imbalance of power. Being able to hide behind a screen, along with the emphasis of violence and aggression in the media today leads to the belief that this behavior is normal. However, the desentized nature of children today is due to the lack of
morals. Teaching children the many ways that their actions can affect others through media, and teaching them morals and values to carry with them will help to shape generations to come. 

Steven Senatore
How does family upbringing contribute to the development of a bully?
It can be concluded that family upbringing can not be considered the only factor in the development of a bully. Along with other things, traits such as impulsivity and lack of empathy increase the likelihood of becoming a bully. Permissive and authoritarian parenting styles were also positively associated with a child being a bully. These are
parents who are uninvolved or overinvolved, respectively. Parents who follow an authoritative parenting style are those who are least likely to be raising a bully. If parents do some research, and possibly go through some preparental training, we may be able to have a less abusive child population.

Tyler Heffelfinger
What factors lead to or strengthen Islamophobia?
Since the origins of our nation, we have promised the right to practice religion without persecution. Throughout our nation’s history however, certain beliefs that have circulated developed a false, negative stigma associated with Islam. In order to do good with that hate, it takes a level of understanding on how this hate originated, and how it
strengthened over time.

Giulianna Young
Why are persons with disabilities a target of discrimination in the workplace and our greater society?
The act of discrimination against people with disabilities in the workplace is evident in our society. Research has been done to explore the sources of discrimination, whether it be by employers, co workers, or the accommodations offered in the workplace. There is evidence that offering support, either socially or through legislation, to people with disabilities will enable them to achieve higher success and motivation in the workplace.

Daniel Waller
Are people of Middle Eastern descent experiencing heightened levels of discrimination in the workplace?
People of Middle Eastern descent are being discriminated against in the workplace. The discrimination could be targeting their religion, lifestyle, or any other facet of their daily life. According to a 2015 Pew Research Center Study, 39% of Americans have the belief that Muslim Americans should be subject to greater scrutiny than Americans of other religions (Lakhani, 2017). With this mentality, it is not difficult to see how discrimination would be brought into the workplace and negatively affect Muslim Americans.

The Buddhist Response

Hunter Ackerson
How can a Buddhist approach to conflict be applied to workplace conflict?
The Buddhist approach has many advantages in personal life as well as in the workplace. Focusing on self-peace and calmness in a conflict situation will bring about peaceful solution. Buddhism forces you to take a breath sometimes and focus on your present and what allows you to be content in the moment.

Akinori Mollenthiel
What benefits does a Buddhist perspective bring to confronting anger and hate?
My paper focuses on the idea of anger/hate and how we can use the Buddhist perspective to confront it. Buddhism utilizes specific steps to deal with anger. Understanding and practicing Buddhist beliefs can cultivate learning and affect the workplace.

Sarah King
How does following the pure precept of “Do Good for Others” affect how Buddhists respond to hate?
My paper discusses how Buddhists go through their daily lives focused on how their actions can do good for other people, rather than focusing on how it will do good for themselves. After researching how Buddhists go through their daily lives looking to help other people, taking this idea and applying it to our own lives can be very powerful and as a result people are making better decisions that are good for society as a whole.

Liana Marte
Why do Buddhists believe serving others breaks down hate?
Buddhists believe that serving others is a way to deal with hate. They feel that if they can internalize their angers and turn that into doing good for others, that they can have a much more positive effect on society as a whole. Their ways of dealing with hate in our society can be accomplished by doing a lot of community service.

Standing for Unity Acceptance and Love

Morgan Reiner
How can an employee promote valuing women's contributions in the workplace?
Promoting the acceptance of women and their contributions begins with accepting the individual self first and foremost. Women tend to have less motivation and self-confidence than men, therefore it is necessary to express gratitude and acknowledge women’s successes big or small. If women’s efforts are acknowledged, the workplace will experience higher work productivity and results.We need to acknowledge the value that women bring to the workplace.

Tyler Smith
How can we ensure that we utilize the skills and values of introverts through inclusion, and as a result create unity?
Embracing and utilizing the values of all team members’ skills can be accomplished by inclusion; For those that are introverted, things such as letting them manage a task, asking for their input, and ensuring that they know you listen to what they have to say will benefit the organization as a whole. When employees feel included at work, team efficiencies increase and it becomes easier to reach goals.

Kerena Kemmerer
How can managers help to correct pay discrimination between men and women at work?
It is not out of the ordinary to say that there are pay differences between women and men who work the same job. The main focus of my paper talks about how women need to be accepted for working as hard as men, and need to be considered equally for pay raises, promotions and more. Keeping an equal eye as a manager can lead to equality in the workplace, and also lead to better outcomes as an organization.