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Faculty Matters November 1, 2018

Faculty Matters November 1, 2018

November 1, 2018

Honors, Awards, Appointments

Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology, recently attended the meetings of the American Psychological Association's Board of Educational Affairs (BEA) in Washington, DC. Dunn will serve on the BEA until December 2019.

Dunn was also appointed to the Steering Committee of the APA General Psychology Initiative, which is exploring issues regarding how the introductory course is taught at colleges and universities in the United States and how course delivery and content might be improved.


Literary Accomplishments

Robert Stinson, emeritus professor of history, recently had a short story published in a new anthology from Wising Up Press, Crossing Class, The Invisible Wall. His story, based on an encounter he had when he was a young man in the 60s, is called “Bringing Rasputin Home for Christmas.” Stinson lives and writes in Oberlin, Ohio, and teaches writing at the local community college. His last work was a novel, Love and Death on Public Radio, and he is currently working on a sequel, The Petrushka Problem. Both novels are murder mysteries, but “Bringing Rasputin Home for Christmas” is about the way, for some, class is an imaginative construction as much as a life condition.


Professional Contributions

John D Rossi III, associate professor of accounting, contributed to the article "Compare Credit Cards," which appeared in the October 24, 2018, issue of Wallethub. The piece helps consumers choose the best credit card for their needs.

Professor of Management Santo D. Marabella’s latest column for The Reading Eagle, “The Practical Approach to Workplace Safety,” champions a worker’s right to feel safe from sexual harassment or assault. Marabella puts forth statistics about sexual misconduct in the workplace and presents a strategy for prevention.