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Faculty News and Notes 10-26-17

Faculty News and Notes 10-26-17

October 26, 2017


Moravian College Professor Emeritus of Psychology Arthur Lyons has been awarded Fellow status within the Society for Humanistic Studies of the American Psychological Association (APA), effective January 2018. Per the APA’s website, “Fellow status is an honor bestowed upon APA members who have shown evidence of unusual and outstanding contributions or performance in the field of psychology. Fellow status requires that a person's work has had a national impact on the field of psychology beyond a local, state or regional level.”

“Dr. Lyons as a psychologist is a born teacher, community member devoted to social justice, researcher and trainer. As such, he has had a deep impact bringing humanistic values to both his local community and the national and international communities,” says Ilene Serlin, chair of the Division 32 Fellows Committee of the APA.



On Friday, October 20th, Dana S. Dunn, Professor of Psychology, gave the keynote address at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the New England Conference on the Teaching of Psychology at William James College in Newton, Massachusetts. Dunn spoke on "Career Matters for Psychology Major and Mentors." Dunn argued that Psychology majors should seek and document professional development experiences drawn from the classroom, the campus community, work, and internship experiences. Faculty members should become more cognizant of career issues so that we can be as articulate about the work world as we are about the pursuit of graduate degrees.



Associate Professor of Accounting John D Rossi III’s article "IRS has a heart: Get out of Jail Free' Card for first-timers" was published in the October 16 edition of the Lehigh Valley Business Journal. Rossi’s piece explains the FTA program for penalty forgiveness for first-time offenders.