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Faculty News & Notes


November 30, 2016

New in Books

Rosen Book.jpg

More Than Cricket and Football: International Sport and the Challenge of Celebrity is the University Press of Mississippi’s latest publication in their multi-volume anthology series on sport and the nature of celebrity reputations. In this fourth effort, co-editors Joel Nathan Rosen, associate professor of sociology and program director in communications and media studies at Moravian College, and Maureen M. Smith of the department of kinesiology and health sciences at California State University—Sacramento, along with their contributors who represent five continents, offer a decidedly global interpretation of sport-related fame for North American audiences not typically drawn to competitors in events such as cricket, world football, sumo, motocross, and even Formula One racing as well as tennis, figure skating, distance running, and the likes. You can find more information online at the University Press of Mississippi.


Presenting Research

Associate professor of nursing Pamela Adamschick and colleague Rose Nourse from St. Luke's University Health Network presented their research “College Binge Drinking and its Association to Anxiety and Depression: A Prospective Observational Study” in a poster presentation at the 30th annual National Conference of the American Psychiatric Nurses’ Association in Hartford, Connecticut last month.


In Print and Online

Diane Husic, professor of biology and dean of the college of natural and health sciences, regularly blogs for The Huffington Post. Here are her most recent pieces (click to go to the full text).

The Rest of (the) News Story in 2016

November 15, 2016. Reporting from the 2016 UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, Husic emphasizes the significance of the continued work of the Conference of the Parties in the global effort to manage climate change. This post was picked up by The Huffington Post’s collective series reporting on the conference (To view the entire series, visit here).Diane Husic and students.jpg


An Accidental Ambassador

November 21, 2016. Here, Husic shares her experience in Morocco post-election.


Thinking about Cuba Today

November 26, 2016. The death of Fidel Castro inspires Husic to reflect on Cuba and the country’s successes in protecting natural resources, farming, and health care.



Policial Science Professor Gary Olson's essay "A Satire on Impermissible Satire" was published in the journal Arts and Opinion.Olson is a contributing editor to the journal. You can read his essay here. 


On November 15, 2016, Faramarz Farbad, adjunct professor of political science, appeared on Reading's BCTV program “Centering on Peace,” to discuss the 2016 elections.