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Faculty News & Notes

Faculty News & Notes

January 24, 2017

Faculty Share Research, Ideas, and Community

Provost Cynthia Kosso is excited to announce the program of the Faculty Luncheons for spring 2017. The presentations take place on Thursdays 11:45 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the Snyder Room. The Faculty Luncheons provide an excelent opportunity to learn about your colleagues’ research or performances. Don’t miss that opportunity.

Feb 9

Craig Atwood

Why Moravian? Comenius, de Schweinitz, and Moravian College

Feb 16

Shannon Talbot

Critical Pairs of a Crown

March 16

Kin Cheung

Conceptions of Health in the Buddhism and Science Dialogue

March 30

James Teufel

Access to Justice and Population Health in the United States

April 6

Katie Faull

Revisiting Anna Nitschmann: Examining Her Years in Colonial America

April 13

Kara Mosovsky

Pathogens That Tolerate Antibiotics



Dana S. Dunn, professor of psychology, recently led a workshop and gave a talk at the 39th Annual Meeting of the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology (NIToP), which was held at St. Pete Beach in Florida. On Tuesday, January 3rd, Dunn and colleague Jane S. Halonen (University of West Florida) led a workshop titled "The Chik-Fil-A Antidote: Infusing Professional Development in the Psychology Curriculum."

On Wednesday, January 4, and again on Friday the 6th, Dunn gave a talk titled "Quotidian Positive Psychology: Helping Students Seek Strengths and Apply What They Learn."

Dunn's appearance at the conference was sponsored by one of his publishers, Worth/Macmillan.

In the MediaFNN West interior.jpg

An interview with James West, professor of economics and business, was published in the December 2016 of Aviation International News. The article, "Is the U.S. Economy Ready to File a Straight and Level Flight Plan?,” addresses the direction of the macro economy, particularly in light of changes in national leadership. To read the interview click here, open the PDF and scroll to page 8.

Diane Husic, dean of the school of natural and health sciences, raises concern about a rule change that will make it easier to transfer federally owned public lands to the states in her blog “Public Land Is a Civil Right,” published in the January 7, 2017 issue of The Huffington Post.

Do you live a no-regrets life? It’s the question and the title of Professor Santo Marabella’s column “The Practical Prof” in the Reading Eagle Business Weekly. You can read the full column here. To read Marabella’s most recent essay “Good Citizenship,” conceived in his experience as a participant of the Women’s Rally in Reading, PA, on January 21, click here.