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Inside Moravian
January 24, 2019
There are a number of important socio-political issues that have emerged and become part of the national debate, perhaps more so this year because of the national elections. One of the most concerning is that the rate of suicide in the United States has increased by over 25 percent between 1999 and 2016, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CNN, June 22, 2018: This is a sad and alarming phenomenon.
As such, we took the opportunity to study and discuss this issue by establishing “Doing Good with Self-Esteem,” the theme for the fall semester’s Management 310 course led by Santo D. Marabella, professor of management. Four critically important, relevant, and complex topic categories were created: Context of Healthy Self Esteem; Eroding/Diminishing Self-Esteem; Outcomes of Poor Self-Esteem; and Intervening with Self-Esteem. Students crafted research questions that elaborated on a variety of points of view in each category. Through reviews of the literature and popular press/media, they developed responses to their questions that offered recommendations or strategies to make a positive difference in elevating our self and others’ self.
As a way to share a concise understanding of these topics and the responses the students came to develop, we are happy to include the abstracts of each student’s paper below, along with their name and research question.