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Inside Moravian
November 15, 2019
Art exhibitions, speaking engagements at an international conference, an award for research in occupational therapy, and more impressive and interesting news from Moravian College faculty.
October 9, 2019
A solo art exhibit, editorship of a peer-reviewed journal, fellowships, newly released recordings, and more scholarly accomplishments and contributions from Moravian College faculty.
April 26, 2018
The peer-reviewed achievements of Moravian faculty during 2017. This year 1 book, 18 book and anthology chapters, 20 peer-reviewed articles, 1 short story, 2 group exhibitions, 2 solo exhibitions, and 2 highly competitive awards are showcased. The scholarly communities in which Moravian faculty have shared their knowledge across the disciplines illustrates the breadth and depth of the expertise and research done by our colleagues. 

A focus of Moravian’s curriculum is the development of the skills needed to prepare our students to become problem solvers, creative thinkers, and individuals who contribute to the society around them.  Our faculty are deeply committed to applying and modeling these scholarship traits within their disciplines.  Their scholarly engagement translates into professors who are dynamic, engaging and actively seeking to expand and apply their knowledge beyond the Moravian community, which is evidenced in the 2017 publications.
June 15, 2017
Hang out with fellow hound Bryon Grigsby '90, feast your eyes on a beautiful art exhibit, treat your ears to a musical trio, and learn how to plant a sustainable garden with native plants. The details are all right here.
April 10, 2017
The latest news on faculty scholarship and accomplishment, including recently published books and research, art and performance, articles, media interviews, and presentations at academic conferences.