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Inside Moravian
January 3, 2019
Music evokes emotion, mental imagery, and memory. Hear a song associated with a period or moment from your past and you are transported.

Working from this foundational premise, seven undergraduate students, under the direction of Cecilia M. Fox, Louise E. Juley Professor of Biological Sciences and director of Moravian College’s Neuroscience Program, are using music to help improve the quality of life of elderly individuals who struggle with neurological conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

May 3, 2017
Junior River Jordan, a neuroscience major, recently took honorable mention in the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship National Competition. The competition, which is entirely online, targets students who are passionate about carrying out scientific research. To apply, students must be nominated by a mentor (a professor, physician, principle investigator, or medical scientist whom the applicant works with directly) and then write an essay explaining research that they’ve been conducting. Out of the 1,500 students who enter, 100 are awarded scholarships, and 100 are awarded Honorable Mention. Inside Moravian met with Jordan to learn more about the competition and his interest in science.