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Inside Moravian
May 10, 2018
For a year now, senior Michelle Pomposello and assistant professor of biology Kara Mosovsky have been working together on research that examines methods of treating bacterial infections when the offending bacteria live inside the body’s cells where they cannot be reached by traditional antibiotics. Their work started last May with a SOAR (student opportunities for academic research) project and continued throughout the 2017-18 academic year with two successive independent studies.
April 2, 2018
Chemistry can well be described as a study of relationships: the relationships of electrons, protons, and neutrons that make up atoms; the interactions between atoms that bond them together in molecules; or even the breakup of the protons and neutrons in an atom (fission) that produces a powerful release of energy. We use the word chemistry to describe human relationships, too—a romantic attraction between two individuals or the harmonious interaction and bonding among a group of people working together toward a mutual goal. Such interaction occurs regularly throughout Moravian College’s community in classrooms, clubs, sports teams, and among students and alumni, like the connection between alumni Phil Weiser and Gaby Haddad-Weiser and student Bryan Harvey.
May 4, 2017
The Kanakemedala triplets all graduate with honors on May 13, all are headed for medical school, and, most important, all three love what they do and where they’re going.