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Inside Moravian
April 2, 2018
What are Moravian College alumni up to? Soaring in their careers, winning awards, earning recognition—just the usual. Catch up on the latest from Greyhounds around the globe.

April 2, 2018
Chemistry can well be described as a study of relationships: the relationships of electrons, protons, and neutrons that make up atoms; the interactions between atoms that bond them together in molecules; or even the breakup of the protons and neutrons in an atom (fission) that produces a powerful release of energy. We use the word chemistry to describe human relationships, too—a romantic attraction between two individuals or the harmonious interaction and bonding among a group of people working together toward a mutual goal. Such interaction occurs regularly throughout Moravian College’s community in classrooms, clubs, sports teams, and among students and alumni, like the connection between alumni Phil Weiser and Gaby Haddad-Weiser and student Bryan Harvey.

April 2, 2018
Moravian College's Associate Professor of Theater, Christopher Shorr, has written and directed a new musical that runs from April 5-15, 2018, at Touchstone Theatre in Bethlehem. The play, a satire, explores the rumblings of fascism that Shorr has been observing around the world. “Dictators 4 Dummies” has its roots in a discussion Shorr says he had with a Hungarian colleague about the rise of fascist theology in her country. There was consolidation of power by the party in charge, increasing anti-immigrant policies, cronyism, corruption, the firing of leaders of theaters and replacing them with party loyalists. “A lot of them seemed like moves straight out of the fascist playbook from the 1930s,” Shorr says. “I thought, ‘Don’t people remember?’ ”

March 20, 2018
On March 13, 2018, Moravian College’s Foy Hall was filled nearly to capacity by members of the community, visitors from Princeton and Philadelphia, as well as faculty and students from Moravian College and Lehigh University who had come to hear Shashi Tharoor’s presentation “Rabindranath Tagore: His Ideas and Values” in the inaugural Rabindranath Tagore Distinguished Lecture Series.

March 29, 2018
Moravian College President Bryon Grigsby couldn’t have described it better when talking about the scholarships the college awarded to two Bethlehem high school students: “This is our investment in the future.”

This year marked the third year of the annual awarding of the Bethlehem Area School District (BASD) Superintendent’s Scholarship. Moravian College partners with the district to give one four-year full-tuition scholarship each to a student from Freedom and Liberty High Schools. The students must have demonstrated prowess in the classroom, overcome obstacles, found passion and purpose, and have a compelling life story, says Superintendent Joseph J. Roy.

Jaequan Swint, a senior at Freedom, and Angelica Bennett of Liberty were honored at receptions on March 13. As part of the application process, they had to write essays describing a significant challenge or experience, their response, and what they learned. Excerpts from those essays are included in their stories below.

March 16, 2018
Inside Moravian sat with Tristan Gleason, assistant professor of education, to discuss his experiences, research, views on education, and his work here at the college. Following are a few of the highlights. This is the first of an ongoing series of pieces introducing new faculty to the Moravian College Community.

March 16, 2018
The latest from Moravian College faculty: research, recognition, creative works, and other contributions to the community and the world around us.

March 15, 2018

Sometimes the inspiration for a piece of art is another work of art. Russian composer Modeste Mussorgsy’s “Pictures at an Exhibition” is a suite of 10 piano pieces composed in reflection on 10 paintings by Mussorgsy’s good friend Vladimir Hartmann. The paintings were exhibited at a memorial after the artist's death. A recurring musical theme called a promenade links the pieces together and represents the viewer’s walk from painting to painting in the exhibition. Over the years, several composers orchestrated “Pictures at an Exhibition,” with the most famous being that by Maurice Ravel.

March 15, 2018
Most nurses have a story about why they went into the field. For Jake Carlson ‘18, it was to cope with the sudden death of a friend’s father. “It took way too long for an ambulance to get to my friend’s dad’s house when he was having a heart attack, and he didn’t make it,” he recalls. Carlson was only in high school at the time, but he knew he wanted to do something to make a difference, so he got a job as an emergency medical technician. “That’s when I fell in love with patient care,” he says. Carlson took his passion to Moravian College.

March 14, 2018
Every college and university has an athletic trainer who tends to the aches, pains, and injuries of its athletes, but few have one who works with students who participate in club sports, dance, or other physical activities, including working out at the gym. Moravian College is one of the few. “We’re leading the way,” says James Scifers, director of rehabilitation sciences.