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Moravian College
International Studies

MoCo Exchange

On MoCo Exchange, Moravian College students pay Moravian College tuition and fees and then become a visiting student at the international university. Students do not pay room & board charges to Moravian College while on MoCo Exchange. Students will pay for housing and meals while abroad in the same way that host students pay.

MoCo Exchange programs are a great choice for students who:

  • seek a more independent experience;
  • want to be fully integrated into the local culture;
  • want to plan their own semester activities and excursions;
  • desire a broad selection of courses.

Note: Some MoCo Exchange institutions require that visiting international students take courses in the host language.

Partner Institutions:

Moravian College has exchange and study abroad agreements with several universities around the world, including:

Need more information?  Email to set up a meeting with Christian Sinclair, Director of International Studies.