Dear Alumni and Friends,

A new issue of Moravian College Magazine is here. Due to current financial conditions affecting all educational institutions, Moravian College has decided to practice good stewardship by publishing the Fall 2008 issue of the Moravian College Magazine primarily through electronic media. We have printed a limited number of copies of this issue. If you wish to receive one, please fill out the online form.



Prelude: Breaking Barriers
Priscilla Payne Hurd, the first woman chair of the Moravian Board of Trustees, reflects on her love for the College and its people.

Embracing the Future
A new strategic plan will change the face of Moravian College for years to come. Board chair Lyn Trodahl Chynoweth ’68 explains why Moravian will thrive in the years ahead.

Moravian Green
Sustainability is spreading across campus, taking root in the hearts, minds, and facilities of Moravian College.

Reclaiming the Mountain
A professor, a student, and a small plant help regenerate a local Superfund site.

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