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From the President

Dear Moravian Community,

Grigsby smiles while speaking with members of the inaugural academic procession.

ABOVE: President Bryon L. Grigsby '90 greets community members during the academic procession prior to his inauguration ceremony April 12, 2014.

While I’m traveling to meet alumni, the most common attribute I hear about Moravian College is the sense of community one feels about this institution. It is born in the students, faculty, staff and alumni. Community is one of our founding beliefs dating back to the Moravians’ original settling in Bethlehem in 1741 and starting the first school to educate women in America. Led by a woman, Benigna von Zinzendorf, the Moravians had a single idea: that we could all live, work and love in a community that shared common values and beliefs to make the world a better place. We still believe and practice this today.

This May, we welcomed 424 new Hounds to the more than 18,000 in our alumni body. These new brothers and sisters are part of the family that now calls Moravian alma mater. In this edition of the magazine, we focus on how the alumni take care of one another. Pete Lega ’85, Keith Bachman ’88 and Angel Gable ’01 are three alumni truly embracing the next generation, providing internship opportunities for our students. These internships have enabled the students to put theory into practice, allowing them to utilize the skills honed in our liberal arts college in the world of work. You will also read about A. Reed Raymond ’74, alumni and trustee, who invited students to the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia to discuss how to be effective leaders. Within these pages are also practicing leaders, such as Shane Burcaw ’14, who has an upcoming book release, Heather Karp Goldan ’01, who turned photography into a career that balances her family commitments, and Ivan Backer ’49, who discusses his life during World War II and his return to campus this spring. Finally, we have the lasting relationships of Noel Fowler Hedges ’96 and Eric Kniskern ’96, who celebrated 20 years of friendship with a trip to France, and we honor Dawn Ketterman-Benner’s outstanding 43-year career and love affair with Moravian College.

Moravian College’s sense of community is as strong as ever. The College is here to serve and transform students, but it is owned by the alumni. With ownership comes responsibility to the generation that is currently being educated and to the well-being of the institution. Within Moravian’s walls, we build community and that sense of ownership. We learn to give back to our community through volunteer efforts and the devotion of time, talent and resources. Today is truly a great day to be a Hound.

Bryon L. Grigsby ’90

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