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Moravian College

2019 Student Mathematics Conference

February 8, 2019

Moravian College Student Mathematics Conference Saturday February 23, 2019 A chance for undergraduates to present work to their peers! Student research projects | Field studies Honors projects Unusual mathematical topics Internships | Class projects Interesting problems | Applications of mathematics Keynote Speaker: Dr. Margaret Robinson Mount Holyoke College Two Ways to Count Solutions to Polynomial Equations Abstract: In this talk we will focus on two ways to count solutions to polynomial equations: solutions in finite fields and solutions modulo powers of a prime. For several polynomials, we will consider these cardinalities and show how for each counting method they fit together to form very similar-looking generating functions. The talk will finish with the tantalizing, sometimes frustrating, questions about how these generating functions are related to one another and to the very different-looking zeta functions of Weil and Igusa. Visit our webpage to register or for more information: