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Flyer for Colloquium talk with image of speaker and environment pics

Math Dept Colloquium

October 18, 2019

The Mathematics Department is holding a Colloquium:

Date/Time/Room: Thursday, October 31, 11:45-12:45, PPHAC 233


Guest Speaker: Ying (Joy) Zhou, Assistant Professor at Lafayette College

Title: Mathematical Models for Plant and Animal Populations in Changing Environments

Abstract: Most of my talk will be about my research. I am an applied mathematician and I use mathematical models for plant and animal population dynamics under changing environments. The motivation for this research topic is that we live in an environment that is constantly changing. On a large time scale, climate change has a global effect on the dynamics of plant populations. On a smaller scale, there are seasonal changes of local habitats, for example, flooding and drying of wetland habitats. So, in this talk, I will present a spatial perspective of the effects of environmental changes. What happens when the suitable habitat of a population changes its location, or its size over time? Are there limits of the population’s ability to cope with these spatial changes? I will present a set of mathematical models aiming at answering these questions. If time permits, I will also share a bit about my personal journey as a mathematician, what it is like to work in an interdisciplinary field, etc.