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Image of flyer for PIG game colloquium with dice and speaker image

Mathematics Colloquium

November 12, 2019

Please Join the Mathematics Department for a Colloquium entitled:

  Devising a Winning Strategy for the Dice Game “Pig”

By: Allison Davidson, Muhlenberg College


The game of pig is simple to play: involving only one die.  To play, the player rolls the die, adding the face value of the roll to their total points.  They continue to roll until they either decide to stop (and keep the points they’ve earned thus far) or they roll a 1.  Rolling a 1 causes them to lose all points they’ve earned this turn.  The first player to reach 100 points wins.

Employing the laws of probability is critical to devise a winning strategy!  In this talk we will not only play this simple game, but also explore & compare several potential strategies using probability & computer simulation.  Additionally, we will discuss variations of the classic game, and the complexities of an optimal strategy.

On November 21, 2019 in Sally 223 at 12:30pm.