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Prof. Hartshorn with SOAR student
Mathematics and Computer Science


SOAR Projects

We don’t put our professors on pedestals, we put them with students. SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) provides stipends and support for students in any major who is engaged in scholarly research or creative activity with a faculty member. And since the idea of “scholarship” can take on a seemingly-infinite number of forms, this faculty-student research pairing program is designed to be as inclusive as possible. Here's a sampling of recent SOAR projects completed by Math and Computer Science students.

Makkah and Dr Shank at the board

Analyzing Partisan Combinatorial Games

Makkah Davis '18 worked on properties of Factor Pair Latin Squares and explored problems in Game Theory.

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Bryan and Rubik's cubes

An Algebraic Investigation of Bandaged and Constrained Rubik’s Cubes

Bryan Harvey '19 investigated solutions to Rubik's cubes with restricted movement. For instance, if you take a solved Rubik's Cube and taped any 2 pieces together, how would that affect the nature of the puzzle?

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Alexis Thiel at the board


Alexis Thiel '16 considers a problem in Graph Theory, where a graph is a set of points called vertices with a set of edges that connect those vertices.

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dylanRicciardi_research page.jpg

Network Analysis in Music 

Dylan Riccardi '14 took musical pieces from different genres and processed them using network analysis.

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aliciaAltemose_research page.jpg

Locked and Unlocked Chains in 3-Space 

Alicia Altemose '14 explored dealt with various polygonal chains in three dimensions in what she called her "perfect project."

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Merck & Company Partnership

students at the Merck internship

The next generation of Health IT professionals need an important combination of technical skills and the understanding of how to use health data appropriately. This unique partnership between Merck & Company and Moravian College gives students an opportunity to develop these abilities while they make contributions to Merck initiatives.

Over the past two years, Merck employees and Moravian College students have made significant contributions to two open-source projects through senior capstones, summer SOAR projects, internships and co-ops.

In 2014, a team developed an add-on module for the EMR system OpenMRS that allows users to collect aggregate, anonymized data through a REST-ful interface. In 2015, a team created a web-based application to graphically visualize Medicare billing data provided by DocGraph.

This collaborative effort has exposed nearly fifty students to real-world Health IT projects. Seven of these students became interns, and Merck now employs one of four students who were offered full-time jobs. Regardless of whether the students continued with Merck, they gained expertise in Health IT and numerous technologies not normally a part of the undergraduate computer science curriculum.