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Math Student Profiles

Below are a few of our Mathematics Students...

Calum Taft-Lockard

Calum Taft-Lockard 

Hometown:Abington, PA
Major: Pure Mathematics with a minor in computer science
Year: Class of 2023
Goal: Attend graduate school then become a mathematics professor

Most interesting math class?

I can't choose one: linear algebra was the first class where foundational concepts weren't foundational, and it completely unlocked a different mode of thinking for me; complex analysis was my first real higher level math experience; and my independent study was an invaluable experience for shifting how I work on mathematics.

3 things you love about Moravian?

The mathematics department

The atmosphere - I've made a lot of friends here

The special topics - data wrangling, machine learning, topology (which led to an independent study in knot theory), graph theory

What makes Moravian unique?

The level of communication and interaction with faculty, in the department and in the university as a whole. I engage a lot in class, and I interact with faculty enough to have an understanding about how to learn with my peers and help my peers learn, but I also get to have many conversations with faculty outside of class.

Victoria Samuels

Victoria Samuels 

Hometown:Wescosville, PA
Major: Pure Mathematics with minors in statistics and business management
Year: Class of 2023
Goal: An internship with more statistics background

Most interesting math class?

The math research class: I get to work with people to pick a problem and then try to figure it out.

3 things you love about Moravian?

The community/people(faculty are very helpful)

The math society

The many opportunities like going to Costa Rica for alternative spring break

Favorite math class?

The careers class - it is lots of fun, a small class, and is really helpful for learning things like how to write a resume.

Dream job?

Data analytics using statistics

Rey Anaya

Rey Anaya

Hometown: Bethlehem, PA
Major: Mathematics, Minor in Computer Science
Year: 2021
Goal: Get as much knowledge out of every course as possible.

How has Moravian college prepared you for your goal?

Classes have given me a lot of skills, but tutoring gives me an idea of what it would be like to be a math professor

What did you do your first year that helped you the most?

My First Year Writing Seminar helped me make friends with those who share similar interests and some who do not. GET INVOLVED. Joining math society allowed me to make other friends. This is the first time I joined a club.

Top 3 things you love about Moravian?

  1. Professors, especially the mathematics ones, are awesome and helpful.
  2. The Mac / iPad has helped me do a lot of homework
  3. People are nice here and always willing to be friends

Kylie Norwood

Kylie Norwood 

Hometown: Thurmont, MD
Major: Computer Science and Studio Art (Photography), Mathematics minor
Year: Class of 2021
Goal: Get a stable job which combines all my interests.

Most interesting mathematics class?

Math 212 -Discrete Structures and Proofs, because the course explained a lot of ideas that I've heard about before, but never went into depth about.

What makes Moravian unique?

Moravian has lots of things and being able to combine them is unique, like the Writing Center, Art, Math and Computer Science. I'm lucky to be able to explore and gain a lot of experiences in all of them. That is part of the reason I choose to come here because at Moravian, I would have the ability to explore all of them rather than focus on just one of them.

What surprised you about the University?

Every professor is every flexible and personable. They are willing to help you and want you to succeed.

What advice would you give to a perspective student?

Ask questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Be open to new ideas and explore your passions.

Recent Graduates...

Alvaro Belmonte

Alvaro Belmonte 

Hometown: Venezuela but now in Bethlehem, PA
Major: Mathematics
Year: Class of 2020
Goal: Conduct research in mathematics to answer hard questions

Why did you transfer here?

I was at Northampton Community College and received an Associates Degree in Engineering. But I asked faculty about going to college to study mathematics. A professor recommended Moravian. When I was at Northampton, I came to the Moravian Student Mathematics Conference and liked the campus and seeing students doing research in mathematics.

What is your favorite class?

Differential Equations. I loved to be able to apply it. I liked that when I would see things in other classes that were related to differential equations. This happened a lot. This really opened my mind that mathematics has a lot of overlap between classes. Being able to always learn something in other classes is mind blowing.

What is your most interesting experience while at Moravian?

Putnam Exam. I heard there was a test where the mean score is a zero and I wanted to do it. I didn't know what it was, but I like a challenge. It ended up being fun. Can't wait to see my score. [The Putnam Exam is a national competition for undergraduates which consists of 12 challenging mathematics problems.]

Steven Berger

Steven Berger 

Hometown: Schnecksville, PA
Major: Mathematics, Music, Secondary Education
Year: Class of 2020
Goal: High School Mathematics Teacher or Mathematics Professor

Most interesting mathematics class?

The Putnam Problem Solving class because it helps me think differently about math rather than just using a formula. Finding a solution takes creativity. I get a lot of satisfaction in solving a problem.

How has Moravian exceeded your expectations?

The program helped me the most making relationship and getting to know professors. Understanding the background of the faculty helps you understand how they teach which impacts how you learn the content.

What do you wish you could do more of while at Moravian?

Be more involved in extracurricular life. Learning academics is important, but meeting new people and having friends is a priority because it helps you develop social skills and value other perspectives.

Ashlyn Cantrel

Ashlyn Cantrel 

Hometown: Catasauqua, PA
Major: Chemistry Major, Mathematics minor
Year: Class of 2019
Where are you now?: Graduate Student and Chemical-Biology Interface Fellow at the University of Delaware

What do you wish you could have done more of while at Moravian?

I wish I would have been able to take more mathematics classes but, being a Chemistry major, I couldn't fit them into my schedule. I wish I would have been able to take Linear Algebra and Advanced Calculus.

What is the best part of your experience at the University?

Being able to do research one-on-one with a professor. I love the small school environment. The professors get to know you as a person and not just as a student. It is nice when they ask how you are doing and they mean it.

What was your favorite math class so far?

Calculus, all of them! I actually liked taking derivatives. In fact, I liked it more as the courses went on. The harder the material became, the more interesting it became. I also liked that I could relate the material to what I was learning in chemistry. For example, finding how much area is under the peak of a chromatogram is a calculus problem.

Morgan Reiner

Morgan Reiner 

Hometown: Clark Summit, PA
Major: Mathematics with Middle Level Education Certificate
Year: Class of 2019
Where are you now?: Student Teaching

How has Moravian University prepared you for your goal?

The Education Department was helpful for preparing me for my field as a future educator by allowing me to enter the field freshman year to get my toes wet.

What is the best part of your experience here?

Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) sophomore year and being able to influence and have an impact on the incoming class.

What is your dream job?

Teach 7th grade math at Abington Heights Middle School (alma mater).

Emily Reiter

Emily Reiter 

Hometown: Easton, PA
Major: Mathematics and Economics
Year: Class of 2019
Where are you now?: Working at J F Wolf Insurance Agency

What advice would you give to a high school senior?

Choose a place that feels like home and make the decision that is best for you.

What is the best part of your experience at MU?

Becoming a Resident Assistant (RA) and impacting the lives of students on campus.

What makes MU unique to you?

The ability to get involved in so many different organizations on campus and meet a diverse group of people.

Ed Harbison

Ed Harbison

Hometown: Saylorsburg, PA
Major: Computer Science, Minors in Mathematics, Chemistry, Music Theory
Year: Class of 2019
Goal: Get a software engineering job and go to graduate school

What is your most interesting math class you have taken?

Two classes come to mind: Discrete Mathematics class because it teaches you how to think about math in different sense than you are normally taught and the Putnam Problem Solving class is just a lot of fun.

Why did you apply to Moravian?

They had a marching band and when I came to the campus, it was the only one where everyone looked forward rather than down. People communicate and are proud to be part of the campus.

What types of activities do you enjoy on campus?

Musical ensembles because they offer a break from academic rigor of classes and lots of other things. I enjoy that the campus community is very accepting of being in interested in science and arts

What surprised you about Moravian?

The Professor are friends and colleagues as well as professor. I like that I can have a conversation with them about things not related to coursework.

Vaughn Tempesta

Vaughn Tempesta

Hometown: Doylestown, PA
Major: Physics, Minors in Mathematics and Intersectionality
Year: Class of 2019
Goal: Graduate school in Particle Physics

What is your most interesting Mathematics class?

The Discrete Mathematics and Putnam Problem Solving class because you have to use everything you’ve learned in your education so far and learn how to use lots of tools to solve different kind of problems. Before you just learned a “unit” tool and didn’t mix them very much. These courses bring things together.

What makes Moravian unique to you?

Making your education what you make of it. You are in control and you get to make it what you want and get out of it what you want. Taking full advantage of liberal arts allowed me to make my own minor and take courses in things that interest me and see how all things are interdisciplinary. This is a very unique standpoint to be able to see how different fields interact and work together. Now I’m working on Honors in Queer Theory and Physics and probably wouldn’t be able to do that elsewhere.

What do you do above and beyond the normal?

I got involved early and joined clubs in the beginning which helped me get socially acclimated to college. Through connections, I was able to get jobs and get a teaching job through WISE. I had my first internship during the summer after my freshman year and then I was able to study abroad the next year.