2007 Program of Papers & Performances

Conference Panels 2007

Session 1 10:00-11:00

Poetics and Signification 
Moderator:  Dr. Kate Crassons (Lehigh University)

  • Jessica Scott (Bucknell University):  “The Signified and the Signifier: Shaping Frameworks of Reality in Icelandic Saga”
  • James McDowell (Haverford College):  “Two Poets: Rhetorical Diversity in Chaucer and Deschamps”
  • Christine DiDomenico (Franklin & Marshall College):  “Completely Constructed to Liberate: Intentionally Provocative Form in Marlowe’s Hero and Leander

Combat, Courts, and Chivalry
Moderator:  Samantha Lukasiewicz (Moravian College)

  • Sarah Kolba (Lafayette College):  “Armor and Warfare: The Transition from Cavalry to Infantry in Europe from the 15th to the 17th Centuries”
  • Danielle Sabatka (Pacific University):  ““Heathen Saracens”: Distorted Views of Muslims in Europe During the Crusades”
  • Carolyn King (Moravian College) and Patrick Rosendale (Moravian College):  “Legends, Troubadours, and Eleanor: The Courts of Love in a Queen’s Final Years”

Controversies in Arthurian Studies
Moderator:  Jessica Carlini (Moravian College)

  • Anthony Jarvis (Le Moyne College):  “Kingdom or Clan: The Scottish Origins of the Arthurian Legends”
  • Crescenda Long (Lycoming College):  ““Flame and shadow, image and opposite”: The Development of Mordred into Modern Arthurian Texts”
  • Leah Hilliard (Bloomsburg University):  “Chivalry and Courtly Love in Arthurian Literature: Manipulated and Contradictory Concepts”

Sexual Politics
Moderator:  Kelly Mintzer (Moravian College)

  • Maria R. Lathroum (McDaniel College):  ““Lust” and the Subjectification of Women in The Canterbury Tales
  • Angela Allan (Villanova University):  “A Game for Knights: Chivalry and Misogyny in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep
  • Elizabeth Clark (Wilkes University):  “The Sexual Politics of Speech in Webster’s The Duchess of Malfi

Chaucer: Reception and Re-interpretation
Moderator:  Dr. George Diamond (Moravian College)

  • Jenny Boyar (Lafayette College):  “The Shifting “Moevere”: Of Order in Chaucer’s General Prologue and Knight’s Tale
  • Michael Murawinski (Lehigh University):  ““To the worshipe of my lord”: Moral Responsibility of Author/Parent in Chaucer’s Physician’s Tale

Education in Medieval and Early Modern Literature
Moderator:  Krys Willing (Moravian College)

  • Mollie Rance (Wilkes University):  “Giovanni’s Broken Tools: Education and Inferiority Complexes”
  • Troy McNeil (University of Tennessee):  “The Trivium: Its Understanding and Importance in the Clerk’s Tale
  • Catherine Janecek (Wilkes University):  “The Faults of Logic”

Resistance and Challenge
Moderator:  Emily Gibbons (Moravian College)

  • Lucy Barnhouse (Messiah College):  “In Scholis Aut Extra: The Influence of Oxford on the Formation of Wycliffite Theology”
  • Amber Konek (Misericordia University):  “Chaucer’s Wyf of Bath as a Figure of Both Submission and Resistance”
  • Sara deRosa (Lycoming College):  “Eleanor and Isabella: Queens of Independence and Power”

Music of God: Plainchant of the Medieval Church

  • Philip Minnich, Cynthia Dretel, Katelyn Gudknecht, Eileen Cooper, Caitlin DeBrigard, and Sean Reardon (Moravian College)

Session 2 11:15-12:15

Process and Function in Art and Manuscript
Moderator:  Lauren Pettit (Moravian College)

  • Marissa Miller (Misericordia University):  “Lorenzetti’s Frescoes of Good and Bad Government in Context”
  • Deanna Smith (Kutztown University):  “Medieval Identity Crisis: Art and Individuation”
  • Catherine Janis (Oberlin College):  “Reconstructing the Book: A Case Study of the Challenges of Localizing, Dating, and Reuniting Medieval Manuscript Fragments”

Disrupting Gender Expectations
Moderator:  Dr. Suzanne Edwards (Lehigh University)

  • Geoffrey Forman (Wilkes University):  “The Faults of Man”
  • Anna E. Edinger (Le Moyne College):  “Julius Caesar:  Silence and Gender”
  • Alexander C. Sutton (Marist College):  “The Interdependence of Homosociality and the Pursuit of the Ideal in Chrétien’s Perceval

Catholic and Protestant Tension and Compromise
Moderator: Dr. Janet Loengard (Moravian College)

  • Jonathan Ennis (Moravian College):  “Sixteenth-Century Drama as Religious Propaganda”
  • Alissa A. Butterworth (Franklin & Marshall College):  “Calvinism and Catholicism in Dr. Faustus
  • Diana Wise (Harvard University):  “The Timely and the Timeless: The Collects of the English Book of Common Prayer

Discourse and Deconstruction
Moderator:  Geoffrey Roche (Moravian College)

  • Nida Asheer (Franklin & Marshall College):  “Language’s Capacity to Change the Natural World: A Discourse Between Pico della Mirandola, Sir Philip Sidney, and Galileo”
  • A. Joseph McMullen (Bucknell University):  “A Painted Act of Speech’: Deconstructing the Grail in Malory’s Tale of the Sankgreal

Disease and Dis-ease
Moderator:  Ellen Flynn (Moravian College)

  • Natasha Burns (Lehigh University):  “The Importance of the Body in the Medieval Plague”
  • Lisa Zelinski (Wilkes University):  “A Black Plague upon Othello’s House”

Satire and Social Commentary
Moderator:  Rebecca Angstadt (Moravian College)

  • Ashley Bentivoglio and Derly Sarmiento (Neumann College):  “Satire and Morality in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
  • Danielle Sahm (Messiah College):  “Discovering Thomas More’s True Utopia: Interpreting Book Two Through the Lens of Book One”

Mothers, Healers, Queens, and Saints – Exploring the Complexities of Women’s Roles
in the Anglo-Saxon World

Moderator:  Martha Larkin (Moravian College)

  • Amy Ziolkowski (St. John’s University):  “Remedies and Solutions for Infertility in Anglo-Saxon England”
  • Malessa Rodrigues (St. John’s University):  “The Utility of Anglo-Saxon Female Saints”
  • Michael Russo (St. John’s University):  “Changing Views of Women Healers and Magic-Users”
  • Jeremy Llanos (St. John’s University):  “The Tasks of Good Queenship During Periods of Turmoil”

Minuet Dance

  • Julienne Basso and Steven Inghram (Moravian College)

Jews and Muslims in Medieval Europe:  Poster Presentations
HUB Snyder Room
Moderator:  Dr. Cullen Chandler (Lycoming College)

  • Aaron Lay and Gregory Nieder (Lycoming College):  “Influences of the three Abrahamic Faiths on Architecture in Medieval Spain”
  • Gillian Robbins and Damian Mariano (Lycoming College):  “Jewish Kingdoms of the Middle Ages”
  • Justin Dixon and Ed Williams (Lycoming College):  “Islamic Conquest”
  • Alison Hamblin and Sara Quinlan (Lycoming College):  “The Jews of Medieval Europe”

Session 3 2:30-3:30

Power in Transition
Moderator:  Amy O’Connor (Moravian College)

  • Lyndsay Roscoe (Lycoming College):  “When the pagans desecrated the house of our hope”:  A Look at the Destruction of Monasteries in Anglo-Saxon England and Francia during the Viking Invasions”
  • Darlene Holt (Lycoming College):  “Odilo of Bavaria”
  • Janet McGlade (Lycoming College):  “The End of the Carolingian Empire”

Old English Connections
Moderator:  Brenda Maturi (Moravian College)

  • Michael Kellichner (Lycoming College):  “Christian Influences on Pagan Texts”
  • Nicholas Hovan (Bucknell University):  “Yggdrasil and The Dream of the Rood: Ecocritical Approaches”
  • Erin Johnson (University of Hartford):  “Beowulf: A Linguistic Analysis”

Persistent Satan
Moderator:  Chris Leiby (Moravian College)

  • Katie Coombs (Le Moyne College):  “The Perverse Hero: Satan’s Representation in Old English”
  • Sarah Lucci (Moravian College):  “Pride: The Moral Corruptor of Faustus”
  • Henry Hunsinger (Wilkes University):  “Only in His Own Mind: Milton’s Use of Classical Allusion to Parody Lucifer in Paradise Lost

Shakespeare and Love
Moderator:  Pete Coutros (Moravian College)

  • Peter Cutler (Franklin & Marshall College):  “A Happiness Enjoyed but of a Few: Platonic Love in the Book of the Courtier, The Canzoniere, and the Rape of Lucrece
  • Kellie Huff (Macon State College):  “The Parody of Courtly Love as Exemplified in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Journeying to Insight
Moderator:  Kristen O’Connor (Moravian College)

  • Marybeth Thoma (Misericordia University):  “Petrarch and Augustine”
  • Kathryn Fulton (Messiah College):  “The Riddle of the Pentangle Knight”
  • Elizabeth Moore (Drew University):  “God turne us every drem to goode!: Personal Anxiety, Experiential Learning and Allegorical Transcendence in Chaucer’s Dream Visions”

The Supernatural and the Otherworld
Moderator:  Sarah Ward (Moravian College)

  • Christina Townsend (Moravian College):  “Spirits, Sorcerers and Sadducees:  Science, Religion and the Supernatural in Seventeenth-Century Britain” 
  • Kris Breeden (McDaniel College):  “Nature and Femininity: Otherworldly Influences in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Lanval, and The Wife of Bath’s Tale”
  • Aliah O’Neill (Bucknell University):  “The Journey to the Irish Otherworld in Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Medieval and Early Modern Spain
Moderator:  Mike Accurso (Moravian College)

  • Lori-Jean Foster (Bloomsburg University):  “Humanism’s Influence on La Celestina and Lazarrilo of Tormes”
  • Makenzie Seiple (Gettysburg College):  “Venus and Virgin: The Sacred and the Profane in the Libro de Buen Amor
  • Carla Anderson (Millersville University):  “The Portrayal of Medieval Spain in The Poem of the Cid

Women: Saints, Sinners, and Other Stereotypes
HUB Snyder Room
Moderator:  Carolyn King (Moravian College)

  • Margaret Malloy (Misericordia University):  “Beyond Laura: Examining Petrarchism through the Feminine Perspective”
  • Ellen Flynn (Moravian College):  “The Noose, The Cross, and the Double-Cross: The Repealed Repentance of Moll Flanders
  • Monika McDole-Russell (Temple University):  “Theatrical Depictions of Feminine Stereotypes During the English Renaissance”

Moderator: James Tyler (Moravian College)

  • James Tyler, Jasmin Maurer, Emma Grigore, Rachael Todd, Marta Johnson (Moravian College), Eduardo Zevallos (Moravian Academy), Luke Ranieri, and Hans Buckley


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