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The following courses are offered during the Summer 2022 semester.  Please view the Moravian University Course Catalog for a complete listing of the Philosophy Department course offerings.

Summer 2022 Schedule

Course Code Title Instructor Days Begin Date End Date LinC
PHIL 281 A Topics in Ethics: Race & Film Moeller Online (Asynchronous) 5/31/2022 7/9/2022 M3
PHIL 281 B Topics in Ethics: On Sex & Love Naraghi

Online (Synchronous)
W 2:00 p.m.-3:10 p.m.

5/31/2022 7/9/2022 M3

200-Level Courses

PHIL 281 A: Topics in Ethics: Race & Film 

A study of the relationships among race, identities, experiences, film, and ethics. Some of the issues discussed are: How do our unique experiences shape our moral views? How are those experiences shaped by such differences as race, culture, gender, and family background? Can we gain moral knowledge from the testimonies of others? (If so, how? If not, why not?) How can film provide such testimonies? How can film disrupt our very tendency to think of film as representing reality – whether as it is or as it should be? Why are some films labeled “Black” or “African American”? What are such labels said to mean? So too with films labeled “Native American,” or “Indian,” or “Indigenous,” or “Latinx,” or “Asian” or “Asian- American”? Are any films labeled “white” or “European-American”? Why or why not? What can we learn from studying critically how we think about films? How can we respond ethically to films? We will explore these issues through critical engagement with films. The course will be asynchronous and online, including mini-lectures, online discussions, readings, and films. Students can do traditional papers and exams but also will have the option of alternative, customized, original, creative, and/or other projects. (M3) Moeller

PHIL 281 B: Topics in Ethics: On Sex & Love

This course addresses a variety of topics that change by semester in the areas of normative ethics, applied ethics and meta-ethics. (M3) Naraghi.