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Delta Omicron

Delta Omicron (founded in 1909 at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music) is the International Music Honors Fraternity at Moravian University. Moravian's Gamma Pi chapter, founded on 1 April 1995, welcomes anyone who has taken a music class with at least a 3.0 music grade point average and at least a 2.0 overall grade point average.  Members participate in numerous service projects, take part in community outreach events, and are very musically active.  The music honors fraternity accepts new members every spring semester.

Delta Omicron exists at Moravian University primarily:

  • to create and foster fellowship through music
  • to give music students a chance to meet with each other, to share ideas, and to grow both collectively and as individuals
  • to strengthen a devotion and loyalty to Moravian University
  • to develop character and leadership
  • to encourage high scholastic achievement and excellent performance in music
  • to foster an appreciation of good music
  • to manifest and encourage interest in young musicians entering the professional world

Delta Omicron also hosts several musical performances throughout the year, including Musicales and Delta Omicron Performance Classes, which showcase and feature the talents of its members.

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