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My Moravian
October 4, 2018
Since you are a new face at Moravian, I figured it might be nice to detail some of my favorite annual events that happen on or near campus. I wholeheartedly suggest you attend these events at least once before graduating, as being a part of our community is what makes our community, well, ours. That being said, I guess this message is not only to freshman but also to seniors: while you still have the chance, do it.

December 19, 2017
Moravian College hosts a yearly service at Central Moravian Church known simply as “Vespers.” In this service, there are musical acts designed to worship and a candlelight service. Many Moravian College students participate through music and volunteer work, and many Moravian College graduates return: to pause and reflect upon their past and to seek out joy for their future. Did you know the tradition of Vespers started in Bethlehem in 1756, even before the Central Moravian Church was completed in 1806? Here are a few more Vespers facts you may not have been aware of...

September 21, 2017
As the digital age slowly wipes out the physical portion of reading and writing, the Moravian College community has the opportunity to turn to a club that has grown and adapted with the times: The Comenian.

April 4, 2017
We all know what it’s like to get the bug of redecoration. Whether that is for your own room at home for the commuters out there or the on-campus residents who have a blank canvas at the beginning of each year, consider these 6 ways to spruce up your own safe for cheap. So as we go into the stressful process of choosing where to live next year, let’s also think about the exciting part: decorating!

UNDER: DIY, dorm decor
February 22, 2017
The Moravian Mathematics & Computer Science Department is home to some of the most intelligent people on campus - at least, in my opinion. While simultaneously solving the world’s problems through origami and drinking tea, the mathematics department is full of hidden talents just waiting to be found. Take a deeper look at the “Mathematics” portion of Moravian College’s Mathematics & Computer Science Department: meet two professors, Dr. Talbott and Dr. Shank, and four mathematics majors, Brittany Strausser, Bryan Harvey, Emily Reiter, and Rachel Myers!