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My Moravian
November 18, 2016
Yup. I did. Three in fact. I cried in front of three different professors in one day. I got through to my final semester here at Moravian without buckling under the strain, then it all came out in one day. The mounting stress of graduation, job searching, and graduate school planning on top of health issues and regular run-of-the-mill stress built up inside of me until I couldn’t keep it in. Then it became impossible to have a conversation about some genuine concerns that I had without crying.

September 29, 2016
With a shiny new Apple MacBook and iPad in the hands of every incoming freshman, the classrooms at Moravian College have become increasingly flooded with technology. Students are taking notes on their computers. Reading journals are kept on laptops, tablets, and cellphones. The incoming classes type fluently and use apps as easily as they breath. But as with any emerging influence in the scholastic pursuits, there is some controversy over the influx of tech into the classroom. Some classes are incorporating technology into assignments and integrating it into the syllabus, while others still require all electronic devices to be put away as class begins. Here are 5 reasons why this love-hate relationship with technology in the classroom is likely to turn to nothing but love.

March 14, 2016

1. Stress can make you stronger.


College is stressful. I can basically hear you all saying, “Yeah, duh, it’s college.” But here's the thing: I transferred to Moravian College from another college and was still unprepared for just how much stress I would experience here.