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Things I Wish I Knew

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before Coming to Moravian College

March 14, 2016

1. Stress can make you stronger.


College is stressful. I can basically hear you all saying, “Yeah, duh, it’s college.” But here's the thing: I transferred to Moravian College from another college and was still unprepared for just how much stress I would experience here.

It isn't all bad. One of the reasons we have such a great reputation in the academic world is because Moravian College expects a lot from its students. Stress can be highly motivating in a good way, you just have to learn to manage it.

2. You are not alone here. Moravian College is there for you.

therapy dogs.png

The College has its self-awareness in check: it knows life on campus can be a lot, so it pads its programming with events to help you stay organized and sane. From FYS student advisors to meditation circles and stress busting events (can you say cookie decorating or therapy dogs in the library?), Moravian College is all about helping you not just manage your heavy load, but really tackle it. If only the average workplace was as supportive!

3. The staff are some of the nicest people you’ll meet.

I talked to a lot of colleges before transferring here, and some made me feel more like a number than a human being. When I first interviewed at Moravian College, however, the kindness and personability of the staff struck me. What I have learned since, is that they aren’t just nice to prospective students, they really are great people.

4. The faculty won’t bite, either.


It can be intimidating to walk into a professor’s office—especially because you have no idea what their last lecture was about. I may be biased, but what I have found in my dealings with the English and History department faculty is that they really are there for you. Don’t waste time worrying about something you can’t figure out in class, just go see your professor and get some tutoring. No really. Just go.

5. Don't worry about missing the gym.

Moravian College cares about your physical fitness. The primary expression of this concern rests in the fact that you will not find a parking space, and therefore you will walk miles (okay, maybe not miles) to and from your car every day. This affects me more because I’m a commuter, but I know everyone’s legs are burning as they walk up Comenius’ staircase to History class.

6. It will take you 30 extra minutes to find parking on Wednesdays. Every Wednesday.

What is it about Wednesdays? If anyone knows the answer behind the mysterious Wednesday parking shortage, I would love to hear it. I'm not exxagerating. I try to leave an extra half hour early to find parking on Wednesdays. 

7. There will be snow. So much snow.


Fans of GoT, listen up: after winter break, we Hounds identify with the Starks in more than just choice of mascot. The first half of the spring semester can be particularly difficult as we crawl out of hiding for a morning class and try to remember where the snow shovel is.

8. You will still have to go to school in the snow.

Despite the (sometimes mythical) amounts of snow that we are gifted with, class will still be held. You can tell the difference between commuters and dorm dwellers in the class by who rolls in looking like Leo in The Revenant. We're also the ones complaining about the roads the loudest. #sorrynotsorry

9. When the snow melts, spring at Moravian College is magical.


My first semester here was in the spring. At the end of the semester, after surviving the snow, it was truly magical to see the campus transformed into a land of flowering trees and daffodils. The feeling of walking through campus after taking my last midterm, so ready for summer break, will always be tied to the floral scented air and it’s feeling of accomplishment, relief, and expectation for the future.

10. The history of the College is truly amazing.


The historical nature of the College is something mentioned in the pamphlets and website, but it is worth a closer look. You can get a more in depth look here in some of the My Moravian blogs, but I also encourage an adventurous trip to the Moravian Archives on Locust Street. From the Moravian belief that education is for everyone to its status as the Lehigh Valley’s first coed college, Moravian College has a rich history of educating that it continues to honor.


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Jan (not verified) | Tue, 04/12/2016 - 21:45

I was also a commuter and even back then the parking situation was frustrating. Knowing these 10 facts prior to the first semester of classes would have been very helpful. My daughter, Sherry Osmun Hess, class of 1990, was fortunate to live on campus.
You authored an excellent animated description of life at Moravian.

Karen Huff Osm… (not verified) | Thu, 04/14/2016 - 21:33

I love this post, Liz!

And to solve the Wednesday mystery (I think): I'm pretty sure Wed. is THE single most crowded class day at Moravian College. (Think of all those M/W/F, or M/W, or W/F classes.)

I've tried to learn to just embrace the distant parking space and the long walk. Much easier to do, of course, on these gorgeous spring days!

Joyce Hinnefeld (not verified) | Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:23