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1742 Experience

The 1742 Experience Begins

August 21, 2017

Every year a group of Moravian College freshmen arrives on campus early for a week of giving back to the community through the 1742 Experience. Get to know a few of this year's 1742ers!

TahLea Wright '21

"The 1742 Experience will begin my time at Moravian College doing exactly what I would love to do for the next four years and the remainder of my life. That's helping people and gaining knowledge about my surroundings."


"The 1742 Experience is a great opportunity to keep growing. I am excited to learn about my peers’ backgrounds and personalities. I would love to share my passion for helping people and learning to the all of the 1742 participants."

Sophia Hochfeld '21

"I am extremely excited to become a part of the Moravian College and Bethlehem community and meet as many people as I can. 1742 is seems to be an amazing opportunity to launch myself into service while also allowing me to acclimate into a new group of students as dedicated and excited as I am."


"Moravian College has a has a history rife with community and revolution. As an incoming freshman I deeply desire to contribute to the tradition of service and inclusion that the college holds. In high school, there was always some form of community service to take part in, and that was in my very small hometown. In a place like Bethlehem, so much more can be done for so many more people."

Michael Erickson '21

“I want to give back to the community, I just love making other people happy through works of kindness.”


"From the 1742 Experience I hope to help make a difference in the community, get to know more about Moravian’s rich history, meet new friends, and a head-start on adjusting to college life."

Katelyn Morrison '21

“Volunteering isn’t about being proud of yourself. It is about helping others and meeting new, interesting people that will change you for the better.”


"During the 1742 experience, I will be able to learn even more about how Moravian College came to be while serving with my fellow classmates throughout the Bethlehem community. These experiences will motivate and inspire us to Be A Little Revolutionary."