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4 Cheap Eats All Moravian College Students Should Know

March 8, 2016

All of us, at one point or another, have fallen victim to the doom and gloom that is college dining monotony. But what is truly missing from our undergraduate diets? One word: variety. Eating from the same place every day is sure to breed distaste, and the Blue and Grey is no exception. But blowing all your extra cash on a few good meals a week doesn't seem smart, either. Here are four restaurants in Bethlehem, PA, all within walking distance (sorta) of Moravian College, that are sure to spice up your lunch break without breaking the bank of a broke college student.

1.Potts' Hot Dog Shop (114 W Fairview St.)

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Potts’ is a five minute walk from North Campus and provides the perfect snack for anyone in a hurry. With fully-loaded dogs for less than 3 dollars, it is easy to recommend this little hot dog shop down the road. The chili sauce isn’t overly salty, onions add a nice punch, and the buns are always fluffy. Everything you would want in a hot dog, and all you will ever need in a cheap quick lunch.

2. Johnny’s Bagels (472 Main St.)

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Johnny’s Bagels is located along the heart of Main Street and has, as you would expect, an awesome assortment of bagels and cream cheeses. But the options go far beyond what ‘meats’ the eye. Johnny’s offers great breakfast sandwiches, as well as lunch platters and burgers (try the Greyhound, a Moravian College inspired California Burger). Eat inside, or choose the sidewalk seating for some prime people watching.The best part? Everything on this menu is priced under 9 dollars...don’t mind if I do.

3. Full of Crepe (333 S New St.)

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Full of Crepe is across the Fahy bridge on South Side of Bethlehem, making for a 15 minute walk from South Campus (carpool with some friends!). It's totally worth entering Lehigh Univeristy territory for: A hole in the wall with a lot of character, Full of Crepe never disappoints in delivering the light fluffy goodness they are named after. A crepe filled with strawberries and cream? Done. How about stuffed with ham and eggs? Sweet, salty, or both! Create your own at this great location for under 8 bucks.

Note: The walk is well worth it; one of Bethlehem hidden gems.

4. Carl’s Corner (2 W Elizabeth Ave.)

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Carl’s Corner is the type of sandwich shop you want to be at: deliciously fresh, classic deli food at its finest, and the prices are perfect for a student’s strained budget. A 12 inch cheese steak costs only $7.25 and the location just off Moravian College’s Main Street campus makes it one of the best options for a filling sandwich at lunchtime. They also boast an impressive list of classic hoagies and fried foods that are sure to delight. Bonus: You're nearly guaranteed to find several members of the Bethlehem Police Department in there talking over tuna subs.


Great post, Chris! (Don't tell anyone, but every so often I sneak over to Carl's Corner for an order of curly fries. :)

Joyce Hinnefeld (not verified) | Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:25