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Spring Dorm DIY

4 Cheap Ways to Put Some Color in Your Room

April 4, 2017

We all know what it’s like to get the bug of redecoration. Whether that is for your own room at home for the commuters out there or the on-campus residents who have a blank canvas at the beginning of each year, consider these 6 ways to spruce up your own safe for cheap. So as we go into the stressful process of choosing where to live next year, let’s also think about the exciting part: decorating!

1. Using Michael's, The Right Way.

Stores like Michael's, Jo Ann Fabric, even Hobby Lobby can really empty the pockets of us college kids. Instead, go in there on a mission (and try to avoid the other aisles). Head straight to the flower section, as there is plenty that can be done with those things. For example...

Flower Chandeliers


Photo Credit and Tutorial

Floral Wall


Floral Monograms


Photo Credit and Tutorial 

2. Wall Art

This can be as simple as using things that you have received in the mail to favorite things you may have lying around. Post card from Aunt Sue from her trip to Germany? Hang it. Birthday card from cousin Bertha? Hang it. Movie ticket? Hang it. Bus pass from a day trip to Philly? Hang it.

You get the picture!


Photo Credit and Tutorial



Or, if you would rather not hang up your sweet momentums, remember as a kid going into Home Depot or Lowes and seeing all of those paint splotches?

Well… those make great wall art decorations too!


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3. Alternatives to Candles…

I know, I know. They smell nice, therefore, we want them. But, they are against the rules. Thankfully, there are so many ways that we can avoid the urge to have flames in the room, including:

String Lights


Photo Credit and Tutorial

Flameless Candle


There are many different takes on this design as well. Including ditching the twine and adding feathers within the jar to create a glitzy glam look. Check out more inspiration here.

4. Dollar Store Ideas

Searching Google for creative things to do with a few dollars goes very far sometimes. However, checking out all the things that people have done for cheap at dollar stores goes even further. Plus since are always trying to save a few as college kids, this may be just the right ideas for you. Here are just a few of the decoration or storage ideas.

Ideas Using Mirrors


Photo Credit and Tutorial 


Photo Credit and Tutorial

Vintage Decor


Photo Credit and Tutorial 


Photo Credit and Tutorial

How will you spruce up your room this spring? Pinterest is my playground: let your creativity go wild!