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photo of two professors/administrators eating in booth in Root Cellar cafe

5 Moravian College Dining Hall Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

March 1, 2016

I think we can all agree the only thing we miss more than mom doing our laundry is home-cooked meals on the regular. The Moravian College dining hall, or any dining hall for that matter, can't compare to mom’s meatloaf. But with the right tips and tricks it is, in fact, possible to enjoy eating on a college campus. The next time someone says “Caf?” in your groupchat, don’t be so quick to roll your eyes—the caf could very quickly become your new favorite meal time destination.

1. Bust through hunger with cereal.

You know that moment when you’ve already eaten three plates of food, but you’re still feeling unsatisfied? This happens to all of us, and the answer is cereal. Instead of wandering around the caf aimlessly until you convince yourself you don’t need to eat anything else, head straight to the cereal and indulge. Bonus points if there are Frosted Flakes.

2. Waffle maker = grilled cheese wizard.

When you find yourself craving carbs but can’t eat another plain noodle, waffle maker grilled cheese is the way to go. PSA: if you make a mess, you will hear about it from Don. And who wants to be on Don’s bad side? No one. However, if you keep clean and throw some ham on that bad boy, consider it your lucky day.

3.  Noodle Bar Thursday hack: Go halvsies on the broth.

Drain half of the broth out.That is really the only way to be able to successfully eat this meal. Otherwise, you’ll end up burning more calories trying to pick up soaking wet noodles with chopsticks than you are actually consuming. #counterproductivity

4. Use the microwave.

photo of Moravian students eating lunch in dining hall.jpg

Seriously. Take advantage of that sucker. If you melt a piece of cheese on everything you will be happier, trust me. Other microwavable foods include but are not limited to: donuts, brownies, nachos, cheese fries, etc.

5. Memorize the sustainable table schedule.

photo of Moravian College sustainable chef cooking.jpg

Meatless monday, fresh pasta tuesday, noodle bar thursday—ingrain this into your memory so you don’t miss a good dinner you might have been craving. As a rule, make it your first stop when you walk in. Do not just immediately go left toward the regular food, especially when Paulie is over there doing his thing. You will not regret eating from the sustainable table, whatever it is, because it is certainly the closest thing you’ll get to a home cooked meal in there. (Pro tip: DO NOT try to modify whatever he is feeding you. Seriously. If you don’t like mushrooms, pick them out).


I think you have a future as a food critic, Alex! :) I have great memories of going to "the caf" with our daughter Anna when she was little; cafeteria food is dream food for little kids--and there was all that space to run around in too!

Joyce Hinnefeld (not verified) | Mon, 04/18/2016 - 14:29