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5 more can't miss events with vespers choir in background

5 More Events to Attend this Year

October 4, 2018

Since you are a new face at Moravian, I figured it might be nice to detail some of my favorite annual events that happen on or near campus. I wholeheartedly suggest you attend these events at least once before graduating, as being a part of our community is what makes our community, well, ours. That being said, I guess this message is not only to freshman but also to seniors: while you still have the chance, do it.

1. Fests

students enjoying cotton candy at spring fest

Fall Fest, Winter Fest, Spring Fest. Never pass up the opportunity for free food, let alone the chance to pet animals, take funky photos with friends, get a caricature or you and your fav roomie, get free MoCo gear, and more. Fests are a fun opportunity for you to connect not only with people at Moravian but also meet community members and even on occasion professor’s families. Plus, I always say: “free is for me.” What reason other than that do you need to attend?

2. Blue & Grey 5K


Although this event is hosted annually in the spring, it’s something you definitely do not want to miss out on. Not only do you get a really neat yearly custom shirt for registering and attending, but there is participation from various community members too, so you get to see MoCo in action. The route not only goes right along the Lehigh River, but it also weaves through Historic Colonial Bethlehem. It is a beautiful race, and you can walk it or run it, so all can participate! Also, Mo & Benny are sure to make an appearance, as it is on South Campus, so that’s a good time too. Those dogs are great supporters, even mascots I’d say. ;)

3. Science Day for Girl Scouts

On the flip-side, this is an event you can volunteer for. Science Day for Girl Scouts, hosted by WiSE or Women in Science & Engineering, is usually held sometime in February and is a great opportunity for you to give back to the community in an event organized through various clubs at Moravian. On Science Day, over 150 Girl Scouts come to Moravian, where we have about 12-15 different clubs waiting with activities to entertain and teach them about STEM-related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). The Girl Scouts very much enjoy coming to this day and look forward to all the activities that are planned. If you volunteer, you also get to take part in the free pizza lunch, a definite bonus.

Check out more information about this event here:

4. Vespers Christmas Service

Vesper's choir singing

This is a must do, but there are two parts to it. Part one: you and your loved ones must attend while you are students at Moravian. Not only are tickets {free} for students, but the ceremony offers a much-needed peace and joy right before you tackle Fall semester finals. Part two: you must volunteer for Vespers. Volunteers, which are and always will be Moravian College students, faculty, staff, or alumni, have the opportunity to see a unique perspective at Vespers. Not only do volunteers get to see the belly of the Church, the oldest Moravian Church in North America, but they get to be present at the parts with the most action: offering & candles. Serving as a volunteer means you are taking part in a century-old tradition of Moravian; you become part of our history.

5. Midnight Oasis


In the middle of finals week, there is a night were our all-you-can-eat cafeteria (formerly The Marketplace, currently The Star) hosts and feeds students for free (see, what did I tell you about free things?). Professors serve the students on that night as if apologizing for giving us so much to study about. (Do not fret, dear Dr. Black. We forgive you - as long as you serve us more tots). In reality, Midnight Oasis is a time for sleep-deprived fellowship with friends and faculty alike, and it offers a bit of a reprieve from our soaked-with-our-own-tears notebooks.

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