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The Comenian

5 Reasons Why Getting Involved With The Comenian Could Be For You

September 21, 2017

As the digital age slowly wipes out the physical portion of reading and writing, the Moravian College community has the opportunity to turn to a club that has grown and adapted with the times: The Comenian. There are many reasons to get involved with a club: you could have friends that attend, you could be interested in the subject, you could want to make friends, you even could be branching out to try new things (just like your horoscope told you to.. I won’t tell!)...or you could be genuinely confused and just walking into the wrong room. In any of these instances, The Comenian could be just the club for you, and here’s 5 reasons why:

1. They won an award.


L to R: Jaime Ernst, Corinne Philbin, Kaytlyn Gordon, Brandon Faust, Sara Weidner, Josh Sobchak

So of course we should all jump on the bandwagon! Seriously though, last semester The Comenian was presented as the winner of the Progress Award at the Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK) Awards Ceremony on April 27, 2017. This award is presented to an “organization [that] has shown the greatest improvement during the year. Enhanced membership, increased activity, and improved organizational effectiveness.” Obviously, this organization knows how to get things done.

2. They have cool people.


“I enjoy being apart of The Comenian because it has given me a voice. Every writer needs a platform to share their ideas and voice their concerns and The Comenian offers that space. It has also forced me to become a leader and with the abundant available positions available this semester it gifts other students on campus with the same opportunity to make a little part of The Comenian their own.” - Kaytlyn Gordon, Editor-in-Chief, Class of ‘19

“It has been very gratifying to see students rally around The Comenian this past year and shepherd it into the digital age. Staff and reporters have worked hard and enthusiastically to revive a beloved, century-old publication, while making sure it continues to report the news, give students a voice, and provide the campus with a forum for discussion. I’m proud of what they’ve accomplished -- and look forward to what they’ll do this year!” - Professor Mark Harris, Advisor

“I think being a member of The Comenian is valuable for any English major because eventually at some point in your career, you will probably have to produce a piece of writing in an article style. It will improve your communication skills in interviews, and you will learn how to write in a style for news-based content.” - Sara Weidner, Community Section Editor, Class of ‘18

3. They have innovative ideas.


After switching to their online format, they were able to generate more student and staff interest by cultivating new and interesting ideas. This includes the weekly photo contest, different and new platforms - including video journalism, weekly rants (yes, people really do just write about things that annoy them on campus), and then the classic: writing articles on topics that genuinely interest our campus. Consider, for example, The One Where Katie B. Announced that “the dining dollars is a God da*n scam.” The stories written are both relevant and interesting. Plus, staff members are in on the know - and who would want to pass that up?

4. They have a small staff, but big heart.


Working to continually refresh the page and print the paper with a staff of around 10 people is a difficult task. However, The Comenian staff members continue to be dedicated to informing Moravian’s public about the ongoings around campus. One of their goals this year is to attract a bigger staff in order to write about more topics. This totally includes you.

5. Finally, they are looking for volunteers just like you!


This year, The Comenian is meeting every Thursday at 4 pm. However, if you would be unable to make it, you can always get in touch with the Editor-in-Chief, Kaytlyn Gordon at Being a part of a campus recognized student-run paper is a big deal. Interested in photography, writing, reporting, interviewing, or people watching? The Comenian is definitely for you.

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