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7 Things All Moravian College Students Know

7 Things All Moravian College Students Know

April 5, 2016

When it comes to life on campus, there are some things every Greyhound just gets. Here are 7 things all Moravian College students know:

1. Walking up to 4th Floor Comenius is like climbing the Swiss Alps.


Then you remember how old the building is and feel that sense of Greyhound pride.

2. There are very specific and very few times you know you can go to the Blue & Grey with the expectation of popping in and out.


These are usually in-between meal times or obscure hours near open or close. Even when Bagel Lisa is working between the hours of 8 and 9, the line will almost certainly stretch out to the kiosk.

​3. President Grigsby is seldom seen without Mo.

IMG_4724 copy.jpg

Whether it's Accepted Students Day or just a normal day at the office, you can always have a reasonable expectation of seeing Mo around campus. From sporting events to board meetings: where Grigsby goes, there goes Mo.

​4. There are 3 classes of shuttles.

IMG_5277 copy.jpg

There is the nice, new, shiny shuttle, the little shuttle, and the school bus. You always hope, in the back of your mind, that the big blue beauty will pull up to the sidewalk, but also know that “coach seating” will get the job done.

​5. Professors are people, too.


Maybe it’s because of the small class size, or maybe it’s something in the water—at Moravian College, you can almost always count on getting to know your professors on a personal level. This might have surprised you at first, but you have since learned how cool your mentors actually are.

​6. Scoring a window booth in the Pavilion is a good omen for the day.


Of course these are the best seats in the house. If you get lucky enough to slide into one, it’s probably going to be a good day.

7. Becoming a part of the Moravian College culture just happens...


...and you only realize it when the tour groups are around. It is especially easy to tell when they attempt to pronounce building names (namely, Peter Hall) and you flash back to your college-touring era, before you were ever initiatied to all these important points of Moravian College student knowledge.


My granddaughter loves it.

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