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Artists Gallery Openings at Moravian College North and South Campus

Art Gallery Openings: North and South Campus

September 18, 2017

There is no doubt that Moravian College encourages freedom of expression among students. Moravian College emphasizes the importance of the arts and holds several events and showcases to show students several forms of artwork. During the past weeks, there were two artists showcasing their work on North and South Campus. On September 7th, the Payne Gallery on South Campus showcased Clarity Haynes and several of her works for her project “Bearing Witness.” On September 12th, the Haupert Union Building showcased artwork from the Art Department’s very own Ashley Kuhn. Both artists had excellent exhibitions and were a great way for students to come together and appreciate what the artists had to offer.

Clarity Haynes: Bearing Witness @ Payne Art Gallery

At the Payne Gallery, artist Clarity Haynes displayed several works from her collection, “Bearing Witness.” Although she was not present to discuss in detail about her work, the pictures invoked a powerful message on body imagery. Her pictures are for a project she created entitled “The Breast Portrait Project” and the works range from 1998 to present day.

They expose the distinctness of the human body in various stages, whether the models were young, old, healthy, sick, or even undergoing a gender transformation. This project also relates to the InFocus theme of healthcare because it displays various conditions of the body at different health standards.

This exhibition really promoted the idea of body image and highlighted the complexity and beauty of the human body.

The images on display at the gallery opening interested me because many of them were done with pastels and the artist featured several details, including wrinkles, shading of certain parts of the body, and using a variety of skin colored pastels to make the pictures appear realistic to viewers.

Ashley Kuhn: An Arrangement In A System To Pointing

Ashley Kuhn, a fellow teacher in the Moravian College Art Department, showcased examples from her collection, “An Arrangement In A System To Pointing.” She has done various national and international showcases and currently resides in Philadelphia. Her contemporary pieces centered around the idea of finding organization through chaos and highlight parallels of destruction and decay.

Kuhn highlights that structured frameworks, such as structures and drawings hold ideas in place, but soon art will start to decay and one’s artwork may become someone else’s ancient history. She emphasizes the power of her composition using borrowed images and recycled materials.

Ashley Kuhn Art Gallery Opening 2_0.JPG

Kuhn knows that many of her art pieces will eventually decay, but she will continue to study the process of decay for further inspiration.

I have taken Drawing I with Ashley and she was a tremendous teacher; whether it was helping students with projects or demonstrating different drawing techniques, she worked well with her students and offered helpful advice. Her paintings really appealed to me because I found the assorted colors and patterns in her works to be very interesting and the fact that she used an abstract painting style challenges viewers to interpret what the painting is conveying.

All in all, the two exhibitions were excellent and showcased astounding works of art from talented artists. They opened viewers to concepts that are not thought about or exhibited often. As an art lover, I enjoy attending the art galleries on campus because they are great way to socialize with people who have the same love for art as me, while also looking at the works from several different artists.

Art, whether it is written or drawn, is an important way of expression for me because art is a great way for students to freely express their creativity with limitless possibilities. These two showcases demonstrated pure talent and help viewers to realize Moravian College’s love for the arts.


Awesome article, Lauren!! Congrats on your first post :D

Sara W. (not verified) | Mon, 09/18/2017 - 23:12