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Omicron Delta Kappa

Club Spotlight: Omicron Delta Kappa

November 10, 2016


After writing about primarily food and books for the past few months I thought it would be a nice change of pace to talk about something on campus that is a little more serious. Omicron Delta Kappa (OΔK) is the Leadership Honors Society at Moravian and a club that I am proud to represent as president.

Every year OΔK invites junior and senior leaders from across our campus to submit an application detailing the ways in which they impact Moravian. Being involved in the process this semester has been fantastic. Rarely do you get to hear about the amazing things your peers are doing, and the many ways we are growing as Moravians. Every application is unique, varied, and highlights the many ways we can all change our campus for the better. It is a good thing that these applications are interesting because myself and the other members of the OΔK board (shoutout to Megan Brockett, Vishu Solanki, and Christina Duddy) read each carefully as we decide who we would like to invite into our fold.


These new members are inducted into OΔK and are soon thrust into elections for the Junior students who will lead the organization for the following year. The two boards work together to plan our biggest event, the OΔK Leadership Awards. Each Spring Semester we ask our campus to nominate leaders across its various sectors, and spend an evening recognizing these fantastic Moravians and their contributions. Nominations are open to the entire campus and we look forward to as many nominations as possible. Seriously! The more the better! Nominate anyone you think deserves the recognition for their fantastic leadership.

In addition to these events we are also proud to have hosted a writing panel on October 20, are in the process of establishing a last lecture series in the near future, and are committed to being active contributors to our vibrant club environment. If you are curious about OΔK, or you see any of the executive board on campus, please come talk to us. It is a true honor to get to represent OΔK and Moravian, and I look forward to continuing to connect the two for the rest of the year!

From Left to Right: Chris, Megan, Vishu, Christina...Come say Hello :)