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image of manuscripts displayed, fanned out on a wooden table

Club Spotlight: The Manuscript

February 27, 2018

Do you love creative writing? Do you love to read and write poetry and short stories in your free time? Then the Moravian Manuscript is definitely the club for you!

Photo of poetry books on wooden table and stacks of college literary magazine

The Moravian Manuscript is an organization on campus that showcases student creativity by featuring students’ creative submissions in one composition. Not only do students feature poetry and short story pieces, students can also submit photography and artwork if they wish. President Sara Weidner says that working for the Manuscript, “is an incredible feeling of accomplishment to help put together and distribute the magazine that is composed of the campus’s creative writing.” As a fellow member of the Moravian Manuscript, it is inspiring to see the creativity in students being presented in one collection for all of the campus to see.

photo of Manuscript club president Sara Weidner holding a copy of the Manuscript outside at club fair

The Moravian Manuscript also has mini writers workshops once a month after the general meetings. These workshops are a great way to let your creative juices flow and possibly get a Manuscript submission going. The workshops center around certain characteristics that are embodied in creative writing, such as point of view, story and cliché, and setting.

photo of Mini Writers Workshop flyer, stacks of books with day, time, location, and workshop theme

The Manuscript has a team of editors that go through the writing submissions to make sure they are perfect! If you love editing writing and love to read poetry and short stories, then getting some experience as an editor for the Manuscript can be a benefit if you are looking for a possible career in editing.

photo of editor and Vice President Jaime Ernst

The Moravian Manuscript is one of my favorite clubs on campus because it combines two of my favorite forms of creativity; creative writing and art! In last year’s addition, I submitted a poem and two pastel pieces that I did. The Manuscript is one of the best organizations on campus that commemorates student creativity through one publication that students can treasure.

photo of manuscripts and poetry books displayed on table with literary club banner that resembles parchment paper

Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month at 4:15 pm in Zinzendorf 100 (meeting days subject to change as needed). We hope to see you there! Look around campus in mid-April for the latest Moravian Manuscript edition!