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Tips for Commuters from Commuters

Green Means Go: Tips for Commuters by Commuters

December 2, 2016

Ahh the life of a commuter. Whether we are still living at home (me) or are driving to campus from our own apartments or houses, the one thing that connects us all is the trip we have to make every morning to Moravian. After four years I think I have learned a thing or two, and I am here to share my wisdom from the countless hours I’ve spent behind the wheel. Don’t worry, they are not all as painfully obvious as the title.

1) Learn to Love Parallel Parking

If you can do this you win.

Whether you are prepared to admit it or not one day you will be forced to parallel park. I don’t care that every one of your classes is before the sun rises, a day will come when there is no other option than the roadside, and when that day comes, which I promise it will, be ready. As someone who parallels parks almost daily (I prefer 10:20 classes which are great for sleeping but horrible for parking) I can say that it is a subtle skill that I have become quite proud of. Note: Don’t try to go in front first. I know it seems like a good idea initially but it is actually more trouble than it’s worth.

2) Pack a Change of Professional Clothes

That suit was in his trunk.

Now you don’t have to keep an outfit as spiffy as Colbert’s in your car, but it does help to always have a nice shirt and pair of pants. There are a lot of great events on campus that require we as students look presentable, but it is hard to keep track. Keeping some nice duds in the car just in case makes sure that you won’t miss out on something just because you decided to wear sweats. Also, this is great if you are like me and seem to constantly spill things on yourself. A new shirt is always better than one covered in orange juice.

3) Get Involved and Stay on Campus


This tip is by far the least practical but important nonetheless. As a commuter it is sometimes hard to meet people and really feel connected to the campus because you seem to be constantly leaving. This can be especially difficult for people who aren’t generally outgoing and might not feel comfortable approaching people. While in my experience everyone I have approached has been generally awesome (I met my best friends randomly in the library) another fantastic way to meet people is through joining clubs and going to events. This applies to both commuter specific events which are great to meet other commuters, and all the great weekend trips, nightly performances, and general stuff I can’t name off the top of my head.

4) If it Snows, Contact Your Professor

Every. Single. Morning.

Winter weather presents some very distinct challenges for commuters most notably freaking snow. Snow makes driving conditions horrible, parking horrendous, and commuting infinitely more difficult. If you don’t think you can make it to class a simple email to a professor saying you are a commuter solves the problem. If you think the drive might be unsafe, feel free to bow out.