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image of college dorm room with wall decor, Sorority letters, tapestries, decorative pillows/bedding etc.

College Hacks: 5 Tips for a #PinterestWorthy Dorm Room

June 10, 2018

As a senior getting ready to say goodbye to college dorm life, I’m here to hand down five of my best tips for first-year students starting their list of college dorm essentials for a cute, aesthetically pleasing room. Let’s get #PinterestWorthy!

1. Buy solid, neutral-colored bedding

If you’re like me and you change your mind constantly, bedding can be a big decision. Your bedding colors and designs can control the entire theme of your room. So, unless you plan on buying a new duvet or quilt every year to match whatever aesthetic you’re going for, I suggest you purchase a quality solid, neutral-colored quilt. Then you can play it up with pops of color in your sheets, throw blankets and pillows to match whatever vibe you please.

Image of Pottery Barn light pink and grey bedding in mock dorm room with gold lamp, white bedside table, and decorative pink throw pillow with white feather

Image from Pottery Barn Dorm 

2. Embrace DIY

Photo frames can be bulky and take up too much space; not to mention way to heavy to hang up with command strips (because most likely your Residence Hall Staff will not want you using thumb tacks!) and canvases or wall décor can be expensive or not quite what you want when you find them online or in stores. That’s why I’m pro- DIY! I know, I know. Crafting can be fun if you’re artsy, but it can be a total nightmare if you’re not. I suggest that you go find some crafty friends, face your fears, and embrace DIY. Something DIY will be unique and much cheaper than buying everything online or in store. Plus do it for the bragging rights (“Why yes, I did make this!”)

College dorm room DIY photo clothespin strands, light strand with shells and starfish, decorated wooden letter M

Photo by Mykayla Biechy

3. Find a fun tapestry

If you shuddered at my DIY suggestion and are in a panic about decorations, you’ll love this one. Tapestries. They can be a really neat way to spruce up a room and require no work on your end whatsoever aside from finding one that fits your style. Tapestries take up a lot of wall space, which means less work for you, and they make for a pleasing background when your friend group gathers for that Friday night Instagram picture. Easy, right?

Student sitting in their dorm room with blue and white tapestry hung on the wall

4. Cute storage containers

Let’s face it, you’re going to have a bunch of stuff to bring with you and chances are you’ll have more stuff than room to put it. Lucky for you, there are a lot of cute storage bins, baskets, and containers out there that you can use to help conceal and organize all of your essentials while playing up your room.

Pottery Barn lined wire storage baskets (gold colored wire, ivory colored linen lining)

Click here for more cute storage options! 

5. Lighting is key

Chances are you’ll have one window in your room, and you probably won’t get any decent natural light through it. And I hate to break it to you, but those fluorescent lights in your room won’t do your #selfieSunday any justice. For this, I have several suggestions. First, keep some white space on your walls to keep your room nice and bright. Second, strands of lights can also be lots of fun and add a bit of pop to brighten up your room. Third, bring a lamp and plop it on your desk or in the corner of your room to add some extra light.

Photo of dorm room with twinkle lights hung from the ceiling

Let’s never forget the golden rule: less is more. Keep it simple. Keep it fresh. Keep it fun!