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College Student Gift Guide

College Student Gift Guide

December 5, 2017

Holiday season is finally upon us, which means it’s time to break out our wallets and hunt for the perfect gift. However, there is no need to go bankrupt this season! I have compiled a list of inexpensive gifts that you can give to your friends, partners, parents, siblings, or anyone else you need. Each of these can be easily customized to the person receiving them, and aren’t a basic gift card (even though gift cards are a great gift option!).

Hands holding a present

Happy gifting!

1. Earbuds

Clay penguin wearing earbuds and listening to music

These are great gifts for anyone of any age! Who doesn’t need a new set of headphones?

2. Pillow

Cinderella pulling a pillow over her head

Pillows are warm and cozy gifts to give anyone. You can find cheap ones in all types of prints and colors, or even make your own with some fabric!

3. Socks

Monster wearing socks

Socks used to be the worst gift to receive, but they are so underrated. Socks come in all sorts of colors, textures, and sizes, so you can customize them to whomever you are gifting them to.

4. Mug

Michael Scott holding a world's best boss mug.

A mug is an adorable gift for a coffee or tea lover, or even someone who collects them!

5. Phone Case

Phone case with ducks on it

Phone cases can be fairly cheap if you look online. There are so many options to pick from, just make sure you know the type of phone first!

6. Makeup Bag

Hand pulling items out of a makeup bag

Makeup bags are great for everyone because you can do so much with them! They are a great organizational piece to have and there are so many types to choose from.

7. Candy

Kimmy holding candy and saying I'm going to have candy for dinner.

Candy is by far the safest gift to give someone. If you don’t know what type, chocolate always works!

8. Movies

Angry Bird eating popcorn at movie theater

Gifting someone a movie and some popcorn can be a great gift! Maybe include some candy too, depending on your budget.

9. Photo/Picture Frame

gallery photo wall

Depending how well you know the person, maybe compile a collage of photos of the two of you. This gift will have a great significant meaning.

10. Candle

Candles burning

Now, this gift is used a lot but who doesn’t like a nice candle? If you aren’t sure the person’s preferred scent, a vanilla or lavender are great options!