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Comenius through the Years

Comenius through the Decades: Countdown to #MCGiveDay

March 10, 2016

We're counting down the days to Comenius's birthday and Moravian College's first Day of Giving on Monday, March 21 (just four days away!), with a special throwback series.

All through the decades, John Amos Comenius has been standing alongside Moravian College students - such a quiet, ever-present influence that you might not have even noticed him.  Can you spot Comenius through the years?


black and white photo of Moravian students from 1954 play tug of war.jpg

Comenius lends a hand during a 1954 tug-of-war between the sophomore and freshmen classes.


black and white photo of 1961 football team.jpg

John Amos Comenius is known as the father of modern education, but it looks like he was also a star on the field. Here he is with the 1961 Greyhound Football team.

black and white photo of students getting on bus 1966.jpg

Comenius waits for the bus outside the HUB in 1966.


photo of 1970 Moravian College Marching Band.jpg

This picture of the Marching Band in 1970 got a Comenius photobomb!

photo of homecoming court 1976.jpg

The Moravian College Homecoming Court of 1976 is cheered on by Comenius.


photo of cheerleaders in 1983.jpg

Comenius joins the cheerleaders on the field in 1983.

student in 1986 poses with Comenius statue.jpg

"Hey, take the picture!" Comenius poses with a student for a shot in the 1986 yearbook.


students playing hacky sack in 1996.jpg

Comenius joins students for a game of hacky sack in 1996.

Commencement walk in 1997.jpg

Who's that making the commencement walk alongside graduates in 1997?


photo of College Marching Band in 2008.jpg

The Greyhound Marching Band performs in 2008 with a special guest saxophonist. 

Are you ready to celebrate Comenius's 2016 birthday?

Stay tuned for lots of exciting #MCGiveDay events on campus and more social media features on Monday, March 21, 2016.  Want to learn more about the Day of Giving? Click HERE.

Shout out to graphic design student Josh Recke for doing an amazing job with the Comenius through the Decades photos.