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Moravian Field Hockey on Day 2 in Barcelona, Spain.

Day 2 - Barcelona, Spain

January 10, 2019

DAY 2 – Barcelona, Spain

Hounds took to the streets on day 2 in Barcelona where they got to explore the city by bike! On this bike tour they we’re able to stop at some of Barcelona’s historical places, such as the Sagrada Familia which will be the tallest cathedral in the world standing at 150 meters and will be completed in 2026. Other locations visited we’re, Park De La Ciutadella, Gotic village, Olympic village and Barceloneta Beach. Another location visited was Arc de Triomf which originally was supposed to be the Eiffel Tour before the decision was made for that landmark to be in Paris. The team also had the chance to shop and go to a market called La Boqueria where there we’re many varieties of foods such as fish, meats, and sweets.



After a long afternoon of seeing the city the Hounds sat down for lunch at Taller de Tapas where they had the chance once again to try many different Barcelona plates.


Tomorrow the Greyhounds will be visiting the 1992 Olympic stadium followed by their first game of the trip!